Where is All the Money Going?

Where is All the Money Going?
David Schlecht

We see the nation’s Gross Domestic Product go up almost every year. This is an indication in the increase in wealth of the country. That’s how much new product and services we’re creating and selling.

That’s a lot more money each year. So you and I should be seeing our paychecks go up a whole lot every year since we should be getting a fair share of the increased profits.

But our wages are actually going down, especially when compared to our cost of living.

So, where is all this extra money going?

It’s all going to just 100 people, who are greedily hoarding the money while the rest of the country gets poorer. Hardly seems right, does it?

A small select few, just 100 people, received 241 billion dollars more. There’s where the increase in our country’s wealth went.

Well? What are you going to do about it? Are you going call your representative right now, today, and say you’re mad as hell and you’re not going to take this anymore?

Good. Call them today, tomorrow and every day until they start fixing this mess. I will be, too.