The Need for the Popular Vote

The Need for the Popular Vote
David Schlecht

Did you know that four out of five Americans’ votes were ignored during the 2012 election? If you remember, everything was narrowed down to the so called “swing states” and that’s where the candidates put almost all their effort.

Is this really a democracy when presidential candidates can effectively ignore that much of the country?

How do we fix this?

Check out National Popular Vote to get this fixed.

How did things get so messed up? How could our founding fathers have gotten this part so wrong?

That’s easy. They expected us to be fixing up this country and our constitution as we went along. We aren’t supposed to be looking at our forefathers and founding documents as perfect. In fact, it was expected that we would review our constitution on a regular basis.

This isn’t a constitutional solution but it works even better. We should have a national popular vote.

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