What Proves God Exists?

What Proves God Exists?
Paul J.

I hear people telling me, all day long, about all the things that proves to them that God exists or that there is intelligent design or whatever.

Sunsets are beautiful because God exists. See? It’s proof. Birds fly because God designed them. See? It’s proof. Back in the cavemen days, they would say, When I jump up, God brings me back down. See? It’s proof.

But when asked for actual evidence, well, no one seems to have the proof. Why would God hide the proof from us when so many are seeking it? A cruel hoax?

Well, let’s change the question around a little bit. If there was one fact, that if proven, would convince you that there is no God, what would that fact be?

What facts do you have that if proven would make you question your god?

If something can’t be disproved can it be proven?

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