$55 Million for Nothing

$55 Million for Nothing
Matthew K.

So the House of Representatives has voted for the 37th time to repeal Obamacare.

This childishness has cost you and me over $55 Million. We can’t afford to feed starving children in America but we can put up with our politicians playing political games that cost us millions of dollars? Really?

This is the 37th time the Republican have pulled this stunt, knowing every time that it is a waste of time. They do it solely for the purpose of playing politics. Childish games and nothing more.

Now, if you consider yourself a Republican, can you tell me how many times your party has tried to fix or improve Obamacare? You probably don’t, so I’ll tell you. Zero! Got that? Nada! None.

Think about that a minute. Why would a political party play those games but never try to improve something they pretend is broken? Obviously they don’t care what or who gets hurt by their games. They wouldn’t want to actually improve or fix anything broken.  All they want is to play games and try to oppose everything that might help America.

While they’re playing games, real children are starving. Real Climate Change is destroying our country and our planet. The economy is stalling. But, they don’t have time to address any of those things. No sirree. They only have time to play like little children.

Who, in their right mind, would vote for such a pathetic party? Really?

America Is Waking Up

America Is Waking Up
Dave Speck

It is sad that it has taken this long but it appears that America is waking up and getting involved.  America is sickened by seeing their elected officials voting against the 90 percent who want sensible gun legislation in favor of the obvious minority who are the gun lobby, more commonly known as the NRA.

We are becoming more aware of the degree of our political problems and are getting vocal about it.

Being vocal is good but we can only fix this by getting the right people running for office.  We have to start getting involved in our political parties. Either party.

This week we saw Obama appoint another fox to guard rhe chicken house. OBAMA? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

Obama was a better choice than the billionaire candidate but he is not FDR and we sorely need an FDR.

Let’s all get involved in taking our county from the greedy and unethical one party at a time.