Tell Nevada Gov Sandoval, Don’t veto universal background checks

The Nevada legislature, in the face of inaction from Washington and at the urging a huge majority of Nevada voters, has passed a law that would require universal background checks for all gun sales in Nevada.

Governor Sandoval has threatened to veto the bill, despite the widespread bi-partisan support for universal background checks from voters and even within the NRA’s membership.

Nevada’s lax gun laws are responsible for thousands of illegal guns flooding the streets in neighboring California. Vetoing this legislation would be a tragedy for all Nevadans, putting them at significantly greater risk of suffering gun violence.

That’s why I signed a petition to Brian Sandoval, Governor of Nevada, which says:

“Gov. Sandoval “Don’t veto SB 221. Stand with 86% of Nevadans and sign universal background checks into law.””

Will you sign this petition? Click here!



6 thoughts on “Tell Nevada Gov Sandoval, Don’t veto universal background checks”

  1. Why don’t you check your facts 86% of Nevadans do not support universal background checks ,in fact only 2586 people were polled in Nevada that’s where the liberals are getting 86% they just conveniently forgot the 25 . Go ahead check it out,Mayors Against Guns( call it what it is) of course,as they always do,LIED about the real numbers that’s why they got their butts kicked in Wash DC with there complete fabrication of ‘90% of America’ nonsense.
    California ,like Illinois ,Wash DC,and Murder central New York has major crime not because of lax gun laws in neighboring states,but because of STUPID GUN LAWS in their own states.It’s funny how states that allow conceal carry don’t have near the gun crimes and they border states with lesser restrictions.STOP blaming everybody else and look in your own backyard.Mayor Bloomberg,and the Feinsteinites are the problem. As far as “putting Nevadans at significantly greater risks of gun violence”, get a clue Nevadans are carrying. So go back to whatever restrictive ,gang central,won’t happen to me ,we will step on on your ,ready for this: RIGHTS state that you came from and GET OUT Of NEVADA cause we don’t want the kind of stupidity New York and Calif ,who have completely unarmed their citizens,have.Look at Australia ,the worst crime rates on the planet,they unarmed their citizens too.and there are no neighboring states to blame,crooks have a heyday ,police get there after everybody gets killed. Of course with sb221 all crooks are going to stand in line to get turned down and go ‘ah shucks’.

    1. Hey, is that you, Mark? If it is, I know you’re smarter than this. If you’re not who I think you are, then poor poor Chubby. Someone of your literary skills and skills of logic should be careful to spend more time listening and learning the facts and less time regurgitating the talking points from the NRA. It sucks to be you, Chubby.

      Where on earth did you come up with your argument? Who said anything about the mayors for guns? If the numbers are wrong, give us a link to the real numbers? You can’t. Poor, poor Chubby.

        1. Well, Mark was a Tea Bagger I met when I was in Floriday a while back. He’s the kind of brain dead Tea Bagger who is so out of touch with reality that he even believes that Obama is worse than Bush. They so easily forget the poisons their party spews and so easily believe the lies about the others. Ah, just another Tea Bagger.

    2. Oh, Chubby. This is not a political issue. It’s an issue that almost all Americans agree with. When you try to attack the liberals it just shows how out of touch with reality you are.

      I agree, it sucks to be poor Chubby.

  2. 6-15-2013

    Not a surprise, Governor Sandoval cares more about guns then kids. There is a group forming to attend any townhall meetings & hold him accountable.

    If you care about “We The People” who contacted our elected State Senators in which they passed the bill on gun universal background checks. Remember the rest of the country in which all polls have showed 90% of citizens ,regardless, of party wanted universal background checks.

    Those elected officials like, Governor Sandoval, that didn’t listen to “We The People,” simply show their true colors. Caring only about another term & their lobbyist that isn’t Democracy!

    The NRA and politicians believe this will just go away, round 2 just started 6-14. The fringe element and old GOP is dying and represent a slither of our civilized society. We as a secular nation will evolve and this bull shit will happen. So be ready Governor Sandoval.

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