Is Edward Snowden a Traitor?

Is Edward Snowden a Traitor?
Dave Speck


We’ve all heard the news stories by now about how Mr. Snowden exposed the NSA for wide-scale spying on innocent Americans without warrants.

Now we’re hearing some people come out and say Snowden is a traitor.

Is he?

Let’s start by asking what it means to be a traitor. It’s simple. Traitor is defined in the American constitution as aiding the enemy in a time of war.

We have declared war against no one. Telling the American people that they are being spied upon by their own government, illegally, is not giving the enemy aid, unless you consider the American people to be the enemy.

So, the answer is simply, NO! Snowden does not meet the definition.

If you are hearing people saying he is a traitor, know that those people are either liars or morons. How could anyone not know the answer?

But if you’re hearing that he is a traitor, and the person saying so is a news source or a politician, you need to stop listening to the morons and imbeciles. And more importantly, if they are politicians calling him a traitor, it’s time we voted those idiots out of office. Make sure all of your friends or family know the politician is an idiot and needs to be removed.

Why are we even talking about this. The real topic is why is our government spying on us illegally? It’s plain as day. It’s against the constitution yet our elected politicians are doing it. It has to stop and we have to make them stop.