Stop Tipping

Stop Tipping
Matthew K

You go to the restaurant and get a nice meal and good service so you tip the waitress. More than likely, your meal was okay, your service was hurried and impersonal, and you still feel obligated to tip more than 10%. You tell yourself you’re doing it because the waitress needs your tips to survive.

In your effort to do something nice for your server, you’re actually doing them harm.

By tipping, you’re encouraging, almost forcing the restaurant owner to steal their tips. Here’s how.

By knowing that the waitresses get 10-15% in tips, the owner reduces their pay by that much, effectively stealing her tips.

This happens in EVERY restaurant and EVERY industry where tips are expected.

This isn’t fair to the worker. They should be paid fairly by their employer and if they’re not, we, you and I, should not be giving them our business.

What happens when a waitress stays home sick? They get minimum wage and no tips for the time she’s out of work. Sick leave seldom includes tips.

So, by tipping, you’re at fault for the waitress’ poor pay and lack of fair Social Security contributions, and poor sick leave.

And, this problem isn’t just limited to the restaurant industry.

Stop tipping.

5 thoughts on “Stop Tipping”

  1. You’re right. It’s awful that they pay the servers so little, less than minimum wage, often. Some bozo said 10% wasn’t enough and everyone started paying 15% and the waitresses got paid even less.

    It’ll be a tough transition for the servers but I believe it will be better for them in the long run.

  2. Very interesting thoughts. I’m not a fan of tipping and would much rather waiters and others just get paid a decent wage for decent work.

  3. I don’t understand how tipping a waitress “forces” her employer to steal her tips. Explain.

    1. You ask a good question. Good on you for not just taking someone else’s word on things. America needs more people like you.

      The answer to your question is a simple one. According to numerous cases adjudicated by the Supreme Court, the primary purpose of a for-profit company is to make a profit. If the company makes decisions that make less of a profit for the share holders, the share holders can sue them. Thank you Supreme Court. Very un-American, wouldn’t you say?

      So, if your competition steals his servers’ tips and lowers his prices, then you’ll have to lower your prices to compete or go out of business. In order to lower your prices, you’ll have to consider stealing your servers’ tips as well. Failure to do so means lower profits for your share holders and puts you at risk of being sued.

      The easy answer is, it’s the law.

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