Was Justice Served?

Was Justice Served?
David Schlecht

So, was justice served in the case of the murder of Trayvon Martin?

How many times do whites kill blacks and get away with it compare to how many times blacks kill whites and get away?

Are the Stand Your Ground laws obviously flawed?

Should George Zimmerman go free?

What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Was Justice Served?”

  1. No DNA from Zimmerman was found on Trayvon so obviously Travon did not do any serious harm to the murderer. In fact, does anyone remember when the closed circuit TV footage was released and no injury or blood was visible on the murder when he came to the police department. NONE! So much for his story that he was brutally beaten by the big scary black kid.

  2. Sure it was. A black died and a white got away with it and the south likes that kind of justice. It’s the south, don’t you know? For all we know, the prosecution could have all been racists and were glad to lose the case. Heck, they didn’t to even arrest Zimmerman in the first place. Remember?

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