United We Fall

United We Fall
Dave Speck

This post is in response to Mr. Schlecht’s post yesterday encouraging us to reach across the aisle and make coalitions with the conservatives and Republicans. Let’s start by saying that I’m not disagreeing, but rather playing devil’s advocate. Maybe we’re both right in some ways.

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It just might be possible that America is at a crossroad, much like the crossroads of the last gilded era (the 1920s) and the rise of Germany’s Hitler. In both of those cases, there were plenty of followers of the conservative movements. In America, the conservative movement was drowned out by a huge liberal involvement and America recovered from the gilded age with The New Deal which put a stop to the landed gentry and reversed the toxic wealth disparity through laws and taxes. Germany, on the other hand, had a liberal block that was both unwilling and unable to get traction.

In both cases, nothing was gained by compromising with the conservatives. Granted, Mr. Schlecht does not say the word, “compromise” but that seems to be where he’s heading.

What if America’s liberals of the 1930s didn’t reverse course, but rather compromised to just slow things down a little. Would America have rebounded like we did? I would say obviously not. Only by standing true to our knowledge and the facts and demanding that we act accordingly were we able to turn things around.

And, knowledge & facts are the reason that we can’t compromise with those who history & facts prove to be wrong. The conservatives are not driven by knowledge or facts. In fact, they consider anyone possessing such sorcery to be the “elite”. The conservatives prefer their fairy tales of no man made global warming, earth is 6,000 years old, and the church should dictate the laws to the country.

Honestly, I ask you, how does one “compromise” with wrong? You can only compromise if you’re willing to be part wrong, yourself.

We need to forget compromising with those who refuse to listen to the facts. There is no saving those just like there was no saving the Nazis in Germany. They know they’re right regardless of the facts staring them in the face proving they’re wrong. How do you even talk to someone like that?

I say you don’t. We need to get our word and the facts out to those who are willing to listen. If a conservative is so blind that they listen to conservative propaganda like Rush or Fox, then they’re happily ignorant and no amount of facts or coaxing will wake them up.

Instead, we need to be getting our word out to those who know we’re right but just haven’t gotten motivated yet. We need to motivate the 75% of America that know we’re right. The 75% of America who are closet liberals but are just afraid of the word because it’s been demonized so relentlessly by the fact-free conservative media.

Get out there and talk to your family and your neighbors and your friends and get them motivated. And if you can’t get through to them because they’re handicapped by their conservative propaganda, forget about them. Move on to those who might actually be able to believe the facts and learn from history.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

United We Stand, Divided We Fall
David Schlecht

United We Stand

America’s voters and America’s political parties have not been this divided since the civil war. This does not bode well for a country. Many of our talk radio and TV personalities spew hatred of the other side. They encourage us to hate the other and any thoughts of compromise or even discussion are discouraged.

This is bad for America.

We face some of the most devastating problems in our history and our government is in gridlock, unable to even put an end to the sequester that is pounding on our economy. This congress has been able to pass so few bills that the only congress worse that this one was the “Do Nothing” congress of the Truman era.

This country was founded on being united. We are a country that sticks together and helps each other out and listens to each other and works together.

Don’t let the political pundits and talk show hosts convince you to shut out debate with others. We need to come together to fix the disastrous problems facing our country.

We can’t afford to let them divide us anymore. We need to find things that we do agree on and come together to get them fixed.

We can start out slow and fix the little things at first and eventually work our way up to the real issues.

We are a United States. Let’s start acting like it. Call your Republican brother or your Liberal cousin and talk about how we are going to fix these problems.

We can’t afford to be divided any longer.

And if your favorite talk show host is making you mad at the other side, do yourself and America a favor and turn him off. Hatred is not Right.

It’s time to get united again.

What Universe Does Mark Amodei Live In?

What Universe Does Mark Amodei Live In?
When Amodei was asked to do something about Climate Change, he responded like he was from another planet. Climate Change is as plain as the nose on his face and he still was so out of touch to respond as follows:
August 20, 2013
Ms. Gxxx Axxx
xxxx xxx xxxx Blvd
xxxx xxx xxxx Blvd.
Reno, NV 89506
Dear Ms. Axxxx:
Thank you for contacting me to express your thoughts on climate change. I appreciate hearing from you on this issue.

As you know, climatology is complex issue. For the past century scientists have widely accepted that the earth is slowly becoming warmer. Over the past 30 to 40 years, some have noted the rate of increase has become steeper.

There are many theories regarding what has caused the increase and how it can affect life as well as the environment. Most believe the earth’s warming is largely man made and that the increase in greenhouse gases is the main factor in rising temperatures. The focus of debate comes from the lack of scientific consensus on how the earth will continue to warm, and what we should to do curb the effects of any warming. Some political leaders and environmental supporters stipulate that the earth’s temperature could rise by as much as 6 degrees by the end of the century. Other noted environmentalists say that rate of increase is implausible. Over the past decade, we have seen a major slowdown in global warming and scientists are still in the process of explaining this phenomenon.
Like you I believe we need to be good stewards of our environment. I also believe we need to be wary about sweeping environmental policies driven more by emotions than by sound science. We need to be careful that our policies don’t trade one bad environmental practice for another. As an example, some of our more fuel efficient and therefore emission friendly vehicles are made with materials that are very energy intensive to mine and take much longer to decompose than those of their less fuel efficient counterparts.
I do not believe it is appropriate for the federal government to advocate one position over the other. I do agree we must have an unbiased research effort funded by both the government and the private sector to answer the essential questions about climate change. Since 1990, the U.S. has spent at least $50 billion on climate research.
With sound science and a clear understanding of the natural climate cycles that the earth undergoes, we will be able to develop effective solutions to the human causes of global warming. As legislation to address this issue comes to the House floor for a vote, be assured I will consider it carefully and keep your thoughts in mind.
I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to apprise me of your opinions and hope that you will contact me again should you have any further comments or concerns. If you would like additional information on my activities in the House, please visit my website, www.Amodei.house.gov or connect with me on facebook.com/MarkAmodeiNV2 and twitter.com/MarkAmodeiNV2.
In closing, please know that I consider it a privilege to serve and represent you and your family in Congress.
Mark E. Amodei
Member of Congress
Hey, Nevadans, it’s time to get these people out of office before it’s too late to fix this mess they’re causing.
Give him a call. Write him a letter. Use the links he provides to explain to him what our universe looks like and invite him to come join us.

Big Spenders

Big Spenders
By Matthew K.

I ran across this infographic today and was amused and quite happy to see people pushing back on the propaganda and spin blaming Obama.

Who are the biggest spenders?

This info comes from Rick Ungar at Forbes. Read the article. It says a lot about why the numbers the conservatives are spinning are, as they always are, all wrong. But, being wrong never discourages the conservative followers from believing the lies.

But this discussion, though necessary, distracts from the real issues. If we could get America back to the top of our game overnight by doubling the national debt, it would pay for itself in just a few short years in lower expenses (unemployment, welfare…) and higher income (taxes). Wouldn’t we all be just sick and tired of the nay sayers complaining about every nickel and dime?

Here is another table showing national debt correlated with political parties in control. This should show anyone willing to view the data that you can’t just point to the president or just point to the Congress or just point to one party or another. The problem is policy, not party and not president.

The real question is what makes up this debt. If this debt is frivolous spending then we have a real problem on our hands and we need to correct the cause of the spending. I’ll gladly say that almost all military spending is frivolous. We don’t need a military the size of the entire rest of the world combined. So here is a graph showing what is causing the deficit.

What is causing the deficit

It’s time we quit trying to blame people for the problem. We all know the truth. The problem is policies. It’s time to discontinue the disastrous policies of the Bush era. It’s time to, instead, invest that money in re-growing America’s economy and industry and labor force and labor unions. We have to go back to the way we were doing it before Reagan. You know. Back when America was great.

Stop the war on the working people. Stop the war on the unions. Go back to taxing the rich at a reasonable rate. You know, something like 90% over three million dollars and no loopholes. And it’s time for a wealth tax. Too much money in the hands of a select few is destroying this country. A wealth tax of 90% for anything over 100 million dollars and 100% for anything over one billion dollars is about right. Just say no to billionaires.

Why Should We Save the Post Office?

Why Should We Save the Post Office?
David Schlecht

The corporate media has done an absolutely miserable job of educating the American people about the source of the troubles the Post Office is having and the news media has been worthless at explaining the pros and cons of losing the Post Office. So, let’s look at what’s causing the troubles with the Post Office and let’s see if it’s worth saving.

The Post Office in the Constitution

The U. S. Constitution protects only two businesses, in fact, it’s just two facets of the same business: The Press. Some people might think that the military is important enough that it must be defined in the constitution. But, alas, it’s not. In fact, the military is limited to only two years of financing, the only part of the budget that must be renewed every two years. No, the only industry protected in the constitution is the Press and by extension the infrastructure the Press needs to function, the Post Office. Yes, the constitution protects the press and requires the Post Office.

Why is the Post Office so important that it’s defined in the constitution when the military isn’t? It’s because our forefathers considered it vital to the functioning of a free democracy. After all, an uninformed or misinformed electorate can’t function.

The Post Office is required in order for the small town press to operate. The multi billion dollar corporate press doesn’t need the Post Office but the real press does.

Where the Post Office Problems Originated

Many people falsely believe the Post Office’s problems are caused by the fact that email is replacing mail. Well, no, that’s not really the problem at all. The Post Office was doing well up until about five years ago and there was plenty of email five years ago. So what happened five years ago to bankrupt the Post Office? Five years ago there was a bill passed by the Republicans (and yes, there might have been one or two Democrats who mistakenly voted for it) that require the Post Office to fund billions of dollars in future retiree benefits, benefits for postal employees 75 years from now. You know? People who haven’t even been born yet.

Why would anyone pass a bill that would be so silly and would serve absolutely no purpose but to destroy the Post Office? Why the Poison Pill? Because they don’t believe in the U. S. Constitution and they want to destroy any possibility of a free press. The Corporate press is happy to see this change, it keeps the little man out of the market. But the American democracy is brutally harmed by this.

America is suffering the worst corporate press we have ever seen in this country. Our press is controlled by just a handful of billion dollar corporations, and we’re not getting the real news anymore. When is the last time you saw local labor news? Have you ever? It used to be a fundamental part of every local newspaper.

The Post Office is the Remedy

So what’s the remedy to this corporate takeover of our news? What’s the solution to this blatant censoring of the news that really matters?

The Post Office.

That was the plan from the very beginning of this country and it’s time we started to utilize this solution today.

As the concept of delivering mail changes, the Post Office must change with it. The Post Office must provide a method for the small time press to distribute the news. Since more people are using the Internet for delivering news, the Post Office needs to be in the business of providing Internet Service. The Post Office needs to start providing email boxes, email delivery services, web sites for press related organizations, and many more of the types of services they used to provide when the press was just dead trees.

If the Tea Party wants to contact their people, they have to build email lists and web sites and mail boxes and comment forums. If the corporate media doesn’t want to tell the public about them, then it will take a billionaire or two to donate enough to the Tea Party to allow them to build a meaningful Web presence.

If the #Occupy people want to contact their people, the corporate media will definitely do everything they can to demean the organization and will certainly do nothing to help deliver their news. When was the last time you read a positive article about the #Occupy group? Do you really believe there is nothing good that they are doing? Hmmm.

This is the purpose of the Post Office. Local news of and by real people, whether it be Tea Baggers or #Occupy or anything in between.

The Corporate Media

OH, MY LORD. I can hear the Internet providers and their Corporate Media gasping at the thought. That would be just terrible if the Post Office provided, at a discount, better Internet service than the current international phone companies and international new media can provide. What if there was real competition? Oh my lord, they might have to actually provide a decent service and a competitive rate. They might have to actually provide a postal service to everyone, even those they disagree with — and at a competitive rate.

I can hear them squealing already. Oh my gosh, we won’t be able to pay our CEOs hundreds of millions of dollars. We won’t be able to control the Internet. OMG! They sky is falling.

And finally, the last part of the fix it to remove the destructive law that requires the Post Office to fund billions of dollars worth of future retirement benefits for the coming 75 years. And, we need to kick out of office any party that is intent on destroying the Post Office.

You should wonder why you never hear any articles like this in your corporate news.

America needs the Post Office.


Yay Obamacare – I Just Got a Rebate!

Yay Obamacare – I Just Got a Rebate!
Dave Speck

What more can I say? Obamacare is working  and working big time. I just got a rebate on the amount that my insurance company was over charging last year. They can’t rip me off for more than 20% profit anymore. My rates are coming down and I’m getting rebates.

You can’t tell me Obamacare is bad. It’s working. Now if we could just get the Republicans to quit wasting time trying to take it away and start working on putting together some jobs programs.

Yay Obama and yay Obamacare. REBATES!