Big Spenders

Big Spenders
By Matthew K.

I ran across this infographic today and was amused and quite happy to see people pushing back on the propaganda and spin blaming Obama.

Who are the biggest spenders?

This info comes from Rick Ungar at Forbes. Read the article. It says a lot about why the numbers the conservatives are spinning are, as they always are, all wrong. But, being wrong never discourages the conservative followers from believing the lies.

But this discussion, though necessary, distracts from the real issues. If we could get America back to the top of our game overnight by doubling the national debt, it would pay for itself in just a few short years in lower expenses (unemployment, welfare…) and higher income (taxes). Wouldn’t we all be just sick and tired of the nay sayers complaining about every nickel and dime?

Here is another table showing national debt correlated with political parties in control. This should show anyone willing to view the data that you can’t just point to the president or just point to the Congress or just point to one party or another. The problem is policy, not party and not president.

The real question is what makes up this debt. If this debt is frivolous spending then we have a real problem on our hands and we need to correct the cause of the spending. I’ll gladly say that almost all military spending is frivolous. We don’t need a military the size of the entire rest of the world combined. So here is a graph showing what is causing the deficit.

What is causing the deficit

It’s time we quit trying to blame people for the problem. We all know the truth. The problem is policies. It’s time to discontinue the disastrous policies of the Bush era. It’s time to, instead, invest that money in re-growing America’s economy and industry and labor force and labor unions. We have to go back to the way we were doing it before Reagan. You know. Back when America was great.

Stop the war on the working people. Stop the war on the unions. Go back to taxing the rich at a reasonable rate. You know, something like 90% over three million dollars and no loopholes. And it’s time for a wealth tax. Too much money in the hands of a select few is destroying this country. A wealth tax of 90% for anything over 100 million dollars and 100% for anything over one billion dollars is about right. Just say no to billionaires.

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