United We Stand, Divided We Fall

United We Stand, Divided We Fall
David Schlecht

United We Stand

America’s voters and America’s political parties have not been this divided since the civil war. This does not bode well for a country. Many of our talk radio and TV personalities spew hatred of the other side. They encourage us to hate the other and any thoughts of compromise or even discussion are discouraged.

This is bad for America.

We face some of the most devastating problems in our history and our government is in gridlock, unable to even put an end to the sequester that is pounding on our economy. This congress has been able to pass so few bills that the only congress worse that this one was the “Do Nothing” congress of the Truman era.

This country was founded on being united. We are a country that sticks together and helps each other out and listens to each other and works together.

Don’t let the political pundits and talk show hosts convince you to shut out debate with others. We need to come together to fix the disastrous problems facing our country.

We can’t afford to let them divide us anymore. We need to find things that we do agree on and come together to get them fixed.

We can start out slow and fix the little things at first and eventually work our way up to the real issues.

We are a United States. Let’s start acting like it. Call your Republican brother or your Liberal cousin and talk about how we are going to fix these problems.

We can’t afford to be divided any longer.

And if your favorite talk show host is making you mad at the other side, do yourself and America a favor and turn him off. Hatred is not Right.

It’s time to get united again.

4 thoughts on “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”

  1. I agree, we should make agreements on issues we can actually reach agreement on. But almost all conservatives I talk to are completely unable to make any agreements with any commie liberals. Sorry to sound so defeatist, but I hardly know any conservatives who will work with liberals even if our country depended on it.

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