Why is the US Government Still Shut Down?

Why is the US Government Still Shut Down?
Matthew K.

Why haven’t the Republicans in the House put an end to the sequester that is strangling our economy?
Why haven’t they stopped the government shutdown?
What will they do when the debt ceiling needs to be raised to pay for the bills and laws that the Republicans passed?

It should be blatantly obvious to anyone by now that things are going EXACTLY as the Republicans have planned. They are perfectly happy to keep the government out of business. They will be happy when the poor starve and the middle class become the poor and the billionaires own the entire country and our government. That would be a good day for them and their owners.

This isn’t hyperbole. This is real. This is exactly what the rich want. No government oversight. No education for an informed electorate, no funds for the EPA so they can dump their poisons in our lakes and in our air, no taxes to pay for the poor or the retired or the sick. No taxes for Obamacare.

Is any of this good for Americans? Is any of this good for a Democracy? Of course not.

It’s time, today, to start a recall petition of every single Republican who doesn’t stand up to the tea party.

If we don’t make our stand right, now, today, it will be too late to save this country. The wolves have us by the throat and we’re all too busy watching TV to even care. Maybe we get exactly what we deserve.


Maybe we’re starting to wake up. Maybe we’re seeing the insanity of the billionaires and their Tea Party. Maybe we’re getting Mad As Hell and We’re Not Going To Take This Anymore.

Get out in the street. Get out there and start talking to everyone you know. We have to fix this today, for tomorrow will be too late.

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  1. This is a great article. I love it. And you’re right on the mark. We’re still in trouble because someone benefits from America being in trouble. Obviously we’re not talking about Americans anymore. We’re talking the Tea Baggers

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