The Shutdown – Want to do it Again?

The Shutdown – Want to do it Again?
Dave Speck

If you like wasting money and want to throw another $20,000,000,000 of our tax dollars away for another political stunt, then all you have to do is… well… nothing. Do nothing and it will happen again.

The only way to stop this Republican crazy train is to get out there an get involved. Talk to people. I know, it’s hard to talk to someone who has been poisoned by the Conservative media, but you have to get involved. For America’s sake, we have to all get out there and talk to everyone we can. Believe me, most Republicans are as pissed about the Republican political stunt as are the Democrats.

And, if we don’t keep this topic alive, come election day, the Republican voters will forget about how upsetting this is and they’ll be lulled back to sleep by their media. If we don’t keep this alive, then the Republicans will get back in power and they will keep trying this stunt over and over again, 20 billion at a time.

“What,” you say, “it’s only a measly 20 billion dollars.” Yes, that’s about what all this cost this time. That’s roughly $100 a piece. $100 from your taxes and $100 from mine. If they had gotten their way and defaulted on our country’s debt, it would have been in the trillions because our huge debt would become intolerably expensive as our cost to borrow money skyrockets from our bad credit.

And, just think what we could have spent that 20 billion on. Free college tuition. Free health care. We could have even paid it on our national debt. But, no, it was wasted on a juvenile political stunt, and not the first one, and not the last — that is, unless we all get involved and get the crazies out of the Republican party or get the Republicans out of power.

Believe me, America would be better off with a sane Republican party than without any sane challenge to the Democrats.

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  1. I think you’re nuts. The Republican party has been the worst thing for America since they got taken over by the monied interests. I say having nothing conservative polluting our discourse would be the best thing for America at this point.

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