Republicans Steal Unemployment From the Poor and Needy

Republicans Steal Unemployment From the Poor and Needy

Dave Speck

It’s official. Today, the president signed the only budget the Republicans would offer, starving to death the poor and needy who were on unemployment benefits.

The Republican party is the party of Scrooge and the most un-Christian party America has ever seen.

I’m disgusted and you should be too.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I said, “steal’ – it is because almost all of those currently on unemployment benefits have paid for the benefits they were getting. If you paid for it and someone takes it away without compensation, it’s called stealing.

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The Billionaires’ New Media Campaign

The Billionaires’ New Media Campaign

Dave Speck

I am seeing an increase in feel-good advertising coming from the rich class. The marketing approach is basically, love the rich, want to be like them, protect them because they are the job creators, pity them because the lazy government wants them to pay taxes…

The average person is waking up to the fact that the rich have stolen trillions of dollars from the middle class and the poor so the rich are fighting back with marketing. Soon you will be seeing the weak of mind singing the accolades of the wealthy and worrying about the poor misunderstood job-creators.

These kinds of marketing campaigns have worked in the past and have gotten the middle class fighting with themselves and fearing the others, not the other classes, but the other colors. Beware the blacks or browns or reds or yellows coming and taking away your jobs. This helps distract from the fact that they, the rich, are getting fat while more and more of the rest of us starve. But, beware, this marketing works on lots of people.

It even works on a small percentage of Democrats but it works on the vast majority of Republicans.

Don’t you wonder why that is? Why are the Republicans so easy to fall prey to such unethical marketing tricks?

The answer is simple. It’s because the average Republican knows he’s too smart to be affected by propaganda. “Propaganda doesn’t work on me.” And as we all know, those who know they’re aren’t susceptible to it are the ones the most easily confused.

So, beware. Watch out for the new marketing campaign to make us all want to love the rich.

Merry Christmas


We, here, at JustSayWhy are wishing everyone of you a very merry Christmas. Enjoy friends and family. Get in touch or stay in touch with things that really matter. Be loving, giving, and compassionate.

We have a busy year ahead of us so let’s take this opportunity to sit back and recharge and bask in the joy of the season.

Merry Christmas to all.

The Corruption of America’s Courts

The Corruption of America’s Courts
David Schlecht

The most destructive decision our Supreme Court has ever made is the case of Citizens United. This, as history will show, is many times more destructive to our country than even Dread Scott, the overturned decision that African American could not be citizens.

This court, today, has decided a case that makes money the same as speech, protected by the first amendment, and that corporations are people, given the protections against having to be honest and open.

There is hardly an American amongst us who believes that these two pillars of the corporate takeover of our government is even remotely aligned with what our country’s forefathers had in mind. In fact, the word “Corporation” doesn’t even show up in the constitution.

So how could every American know corporations are not people and money is not speech but the highest court in our land thinks so?

They are obviously not one of us. In order to believe such twisted logic, to pass such laws that they know everyone opposes, these are obviously not one of us.

And the problem is not just the Supreme Court. Most of America’s courts have been stuffed full of these types of people who don’t care what’s good for America, they only care what is good for the billionaires and multinational corporations. They are not Americans.

The problem isn’t always a political issue, but in the case of Citizens United, it most obviously is. The Republicans on the Supreme Court all found in favor of the billionaires against the needs of we the people. Every single sick, destructive decision was Republican.

We need to clean up our courts. But before we can do that, we need to reverse the Citizens United decision, and the best way to do that is to pass an amendment saying corporations are not people and money is not speech. Go to MoveToAmend. Get active in reversing the insanity that has taken over the non-American judges doing such harm to America.

Move To Amend

Another Homeless Person Freezes to Death in Reno

Another Homeless Person Freezes to Death in Reno
David Schlecht

Considering that we’re supposed to be the nation that gives the most to charities, why are we also the country with the highest incidence of child poverty, child hunger, and homeless freezing to death?

I can hardly recognize this country anymore. What has happened to us? It’s not okay to be greedy. It’s not okay for the wealthy to pay less than 90% taxes. Holy cow! How many yachts to they need?

It’s wrong for a person to have a mansion if it means even one person has to be homeless to make it happen.

Greed is not good. Libertarianism is immoral. And, most importantly, this is not the America we all want to live in.

America is the Most Generous Country

America is the Most Generous Country
David Schlecht

It’s the season for giving. How generous are we in America?

I’ve seen it reported many times that America is one of the most giving countries when it comes to charity. Let’s consider this for a moment and see if it makes any sense.

There are lots of ways to give to “charity” including religious giving, giving to non-profit organizations, giving of one’s time, skills, and services.

What’s more, how much of your religious or non-profit giving actually makes it to provide actual services for the cause?

We measure our non-profits by the percentage of money actually spent on the cause. In a capitalist economy, this is backwards. The thing that matters the most is how well the money is spent. If you donate $100 and the non-profit uses that to advertise and brings in $1,000,000 then that’s a whole lot better than giving $100 to the cause. So, spending 0% on feeding the poor is in most cases better than spending 100%.

But, why is this true? Why do charities have to advertise? Why do they have to spend money advertising? In a truly giving society, they wouldn’t.

In fact, if America was truly the biggest giver to charity, there would be no need for non-profits as we would collect money for the poor in our taxes.

Another thing to consider is how your charity dollars are actually being spent. If you’re giving money to a billionaire televangelist or a church with multi-million dollar facilities, then you’re not really giving any money to charity. You’re being a putz.

So, let’s compare America to the countries that actually give more to the cause. In America, we spend a small fraction of our income on charity. Sure, you might give 5% or 10% to your church, but the billionaires give zero percent, on average. So, let’s average that out. The middle class and the poor make 10% of the increase in GDP and they pay 5-10%. That’s a total of a whopping 1% on average per person. Not too charitable if you ask me. And, of that 1%, how much has to go into advertising, marketing, building million-dollar churches an making the televangelist rich?

On the other hand, countries that take care of their people pay 50% in taxes and the majority of it goes to the people.

What a difference, don’t you think? 1% compared to 50%. But, of course, we don’t consider these other countries to be giving to charity. How blinded can we Americans be?

It’s time we started putting our money and taxes, and demanding that the wealthy elite pay their fair share. We should go back to the 92% tax bracket we used to have on the billionaires.

This would help prevent the greedy, and unethical televangelists and avoid wasting your contribution dollars on marketing.

The best charity is a reasonable tax rate that takes care of the people.