Another Homeless Person Freezes to Death in Reno

Another Homeless Person Freezes to Death in Reno
David Schlecht

Considering that we’re supposed to be the nation that gives the most to charities, why are we also the country with the highest incidence of child poverty, child hunger, and homeless freezing to death?

I can hardly recognize this country anymore. What has happened to us? It’s not okay to be greedy. It’s not okay for the wealthy to pay less than 90% taxes. Holy cow! How many yachts to they need?

It’s wrong for a person to have a mansion if it means even one person has to be homeless to make it happen.

Greed is not good. Libertarianism is immoral. And, most importantly, this is not the America we all want to live in.

4 thoughts on “Another Homeless Person Freezes to Death in Reno”

  1. I remember a sign I saw years ago,will never forget it ” In this country we use to say give me liberty,now we just say give me”.How a person dies from exposure to the cold is beyond me.$150 billion dollars a year are hid in offshore tax havens by 83 of the top 100 publicly traded corperations.David,you nailed it on the head…greed.We act as if throwing a can of food in a drop off box will cure the problem.It is sad sight to see what are society has become.We are callous to those in need.We have become sympathetic at a distance,long as it doesn’t cost us.The part that scares me..I see no hope in the future and no change

  2. Hi jmicheal. I agree with you. Our street corner charities are unable to deal with the economic disaster and we shouldn’t expect our neighbors to go begging for help. It should be part of our safety net that everyone is entitled to. We all pay into it and we should all get to benefit from it in a time of need, without fearing the Republican party is going to steal it.

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