The Corruption of America’s Courts

The Corruption of America’s Courts
David Schlecht

The most destructive decision our Supreme Court has ever made is the case of Citizens United. This, as history will show, is many times more destructive to our country than even Dread Scott, the overturned decision that African American could not be citizens.

This court, today, has decided a case that makes money the same as speech, protected by the first amendment, and that corporations are people, given the protections against having to be honest and open.

There is hardly an American amongst us who believes that these two pillars of the corporate takeover of our government is even remotely aligned with what our country’s forefathers had in mind. In fact, the word “Corporation” doesn’t even show up in the constitution.

So how could every American know corporations are not people and money is not speech but the highest court in our land thinks so?

They are obviously not one of us. In order to believe such twisted logic, to pass such laws that they know everyone opposes, these are obviously not one of us.

And the problem is not just the Supreme Court. Most of America’s courts have been stuffed full of these types of people who don’t care what’s good for America, they only care what is good for the billionaires and multinational corporations. They are not Americans.

The problem isn’t always a political issue, but in the case of Citizens United, it most obviously is. The Republicans on the Supreme Court all found in favor of the billionaires against the needs of we the people. Every single sick, destructive decision was Republican.

We need to clean up our courts. But before we can do that, we need to reverse the Citizens United decision, and the best way to do that is to pass an amendment saying corporations are not people and money is not speech. Go to MoveToAmend. Get active in reversing the insanity that has taken over the non-American judges doing such harm to America.

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