Republicans Steal Unemployment From the Poor and Needy

Republicans Steal Unemployment From the Poor and Needy

Dave Speck

It’s official. Today, the president signed the only budget the Republicans would offer, starving to death the poor and needy who were on unemployment benefits.

The Republican party is the party of Scrooge and the most un-Christian party America has ever seen.

I’m disgusted and you should be too.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I said, “steal’ – it is because almost all of those currently on unemployment benefits have paid for the benefits they were getting. If you paid for it and someone takes it away without compensation, it’s called stealing.

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One thought on “Republicans Steal Unemployment From the Poor and Needy”

  1. Really now! The weak of mind have been listening to and believing the right’s talk radio and Fox news for a long time now and they don’t need to be sold on the rich. They’re already willing to sell their grandchildren down the river so today’s wealthy don’t have to pay their fair share, so corporations are free to pollute and poison our lands and our future generations. Think nuclear waste for an easy example. Think “Death Tax”, “Job Creators”, “Taxed Enough Already”, rebranding “freedom” to mean free from regulations designed to protect “we the people”. They’ve been successfully marketing to the weak of mind, aka the Republican voter, for a long time now.

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