The Billionaires’ New Media Campaign

The Billionaires’ New Media Campaign

Dave Speck

I am seeing an increase in feel-good advertising coming from the rich class. The marketing approach is basically, love the rich, want to be like them, protect them because they are the job creators, pity them because the lazy government wants them to pay taxes…

The average person is waking up to the fact that the rich have stolen trillions of dollars from the middle class and the poor so the rich are fighting back with marketing. Soon you will be seeing the weak of mind singing the accolades of the wealthy and worrying about the poor misunderstood job-creators.

These kinds of marketing campaigns have worked in the past and have gotten the middle class fighting with themselves and fearing the others, not the other classes, but the other colors. Beware the blacks or browns or reds or yellows coming and taking away your jobs. This helps distract from the fact that they, the rich, are getting fat while more and more of the rest of us starve. But, beware, this marketing works on lots of people.

It even works on a small percentage of Democrats but it works on the vast majority of Republicans.

Don’t you wonder why that is? Why are the Republicans so easy to fall prey to such unethical marketing tricks?

The answer is simple. It’s because the average Republican knows he’s too smart to be affected by propaganda. “Propaganda doesn’t work on me.” And as we all know, those who know they’re aren’t susceptible to it are the ones the most easily confused.

So, beware. Watch out for the new marketing campaign to make us all want to love the rich.

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  1. You might want to mention that it’s primarily the Koch brothers who are funding the new marketing campaign.

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