Enough Trickle Down

How’s that whole trickle down economics working for you?

Do you realize we’ve been in Reganomics for over 30 years now and it’s tearing this country apart.

It’s time we quit with the lies of Trickle Down economics, or Voodoo economics as the Republicans used to call it.

It’s time to roll back the Reagan tax cuts and start rebuilding our middle class. It’s time to end the trade agreements and go back to the tariffs that worked for 200 years.

Check out Thom Hartmann’s article on the failed state of Reaganomics.

Seven Things You Need To Know About Benghazi

Investigations in our Congress are costing us millions of dollars in taxes and nothing to show for it. Are we sick and tired of the Republican witch hunts?

Here are the facts about Benghazi that you won’t hear in the news and these should make your blood boil whether your Republican or Democrat:

  1. Republicans in Congress voted repeatedly to slash funding for embassy security.
  2. Obama has repeatedly request increased funds for embassy security.
  3. The Republican Sequester slashes more money from embassy security.
  4. All the investigations into Benghazi have been a waste of our tax dollars and a waste of time for America.
  5. Under Bush, there were 11 embassies attacked. 53 people died. 90 were injured. How many Republican investigations into this? Zero. It’s time for us to remove this sick party from our government.
  6. Under Bush, one embassy was successfully attacked twice. Still no investigations.
  7. Poor children are starving, homeless are freezing to death, and the Republicans can find no money for them but plenty to pursue this fake scandal.

Follow the link I posted above. There are lots of facts if you’re interested. Here is just a small example:


Those Lazy Poor People

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now how some people always blame the victim. It’s the girl’s fault for getting raped, it’s the dress, it’s the victims fault who live in repressive countries, it’s the poor’s fault for being poor and lazy.

Let’s evaluate that last one.

If lack of ambition was the only cause or even the primary cause for poverty, then only one or maybe a handful of people would have any money because they have more ambition than everyone else.

Well this obviously isn’t the case, now, is it? There are lots of people with ambition who die poor and lots of lazy rich people. One would have to be purposely blind to not see that around them every day.

If you take a moment to think through the stories you’re told, you can see where the logic breaks down. And, once you realize you’ve been fed a crock of baloney, you probably end up with at least these two questions:

  1. Well, then, what is the real cause of poverty?
  2. Why are people so ignorant to not see through the illogical statements, if I can? They must be able to see that what they are saying is wrong. And, if they’re saying things they know are wrong, why are they doing it? What are they getting from this deceit?

I think we all know what the lazy rich are getting by us fighting among ourselves. We’re not fixing the problem with the rich. The rich are the news commentators, they are the news media.

And for the first question, take a quick stroll through this article on the poor to get a good idea on what is making people poor.

I know, I know, I can hear it already by those who refuse to admit to themselves that they were wrong, “but I know a lazy poor person. It must be true.”

Well, do you have any idea how hard it is to live a life in poverty? There is stress every minute of every day wondering if and how you’re going to make ends meet. You’re spending every minute of the day working for poverty wages because you don’t get paid enough to just work 60 hours like the lazy rich might do.

If you’re so poor that you’ve lost your home and your family and don’t even have a car with gas in it to live in anymore, you spend every minute of your life trying to keep from losing the few possession you still have and you’re working to figure out how you’re going to get enough food so you don’t starve, and you’re trying to figure out where you’re going to spend the night without freezing to death.

Do rich people work this hard? Of course not.

So, next time you hear someone say or even imply that the poor are lazy, it might be time to set them straight.

Suicide Rates

I ran across this (albeit old) article in the BBC the other day and just had to share it.

According to an article in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, suicide rates go up measurably when a country is governed by Republicans (conservatives).

Yes, indeed, the Republican party is the party of Jesus. Starve the poor.

Move to Amend

Move to Amend
David Schlecht

Guess what is celebrating it’s four year anniversary this week.

Citizens United!

The defective Republican party and their activist Supreme Court judges decided that corporations are people and money is speech and billionaires and transnational corporations and foreign governments can buy our politicians and not even have to disclose it.

No wonder Republican voters are leaving the party in hordes.

But that doesn’t fix the damage they’ve done with their mistaken voted over the past years.

We need to reverse Citizens United and we need to get the activist judges out of the Supreme Court.

Go to Move To Amend and help get this mistake fixed.


No More Walmarts in Sparks

No More Walmarts in Sparks
David Schlecht

In an earlier post by Matt, we learn that Walmart is hoping to open a new store, yet another Wal-mart in Sparks, Nevada.

The last thing America needs is another Walmart.

As it turned out, the Sparks City Council caved in, completely. It was unanimous! They heart Walmart.

As some of the comments suggest, perhaps it’s time to replace the Sparks City Council.  Perhaps recall petitions starting today might open their eyes before the damage is done.

But, the fight is not over. I got an email from Ken Johnston who is actively working on preventing this mistake:

You are receiving this message because you expressed interest in the proposed Walmart Supercenter in Sparks. As you know or may have heard, the Sparks city council recently approved Walmart’s special use permit last Monday, allowing the developer and Walmart to begin construction of the 185,000 square foot Walmart Supercenter on 18 acres near Sparks Marina at Marina Gateway Drive and Lincoln Way.
However, I just learned that in order for the project to move forward, it must also be approved by the Truckee Meadows Regional Agency. As has been consistent with this project, we have little notice or time to act. Specifically, the Regional Planning Commission will be holding a public meeting and vote on whether or not to approve the project as being “in conformance with the regional plan” this upcoming Wednesday at 6:00pm at the Washoe County Commission Chambers located at 1001 East Ninth Street in Reno 
Just like at the council meeting, any member of the public will be allowed to attend and speak for up to three minutes on why the project is not right for Sparks or the region for that matter. I strongly encourage anyone who is able to attend to please do so and speak out on why this project is so bad for the community. After the issue is discussed, the commission will then likely vote on whether or not to approve the developer’s and Walmart’s plans. Hearing from the public on why this is wrong for the community could make the difference.
If the vote does not go our way, there is also an opportunity to appeal the commission’s decision to the governing board and I will keep you posted on that. However, please consider attending this important meeting and if you can’t make it, please let others know who might be able to; you can point them to the website for specifics www.notanothersparkswalmart.com. Also, please consider emailing or calling the Truckee-Meadows Regional Planning Commissioners (input@tmrpa.org; 775-321-8385) to let them know that we do not want or need another Walmart Supercenter in Sparks!
Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend this last minute meeting due to traveling for work but would appreciate hearing how it goes from anyone who is able to attend. Please email me if and when you get a chance to let me know how it goes and if you have any questions before or after. Thank you in advance for your support and efforts on this important issue.
Best regards,
Ken Johnston


More Walmarts means more of our tax dollars supporting sub-poverty wages, food stamps, welfare, all to fatten the profits of the Walmart heirs. It means more locally owned stored going under. It means more decent paying jobs going away. It’s bad any way you look at it.

If you’re from the Reno/Sparks area or Nevada or anywhere in this world, help us by joining in our fight to stop yet another Walmart in Sparks.

Are we seeing the cancer stage of capitalism?

Vacationing While Unemployed Starve

It might be hard for most people to believe, but the Senate just went on a week long vacation.

The Republican Senators wouldn’t even allow a bill to come up for a vote, for an emergency extension of unemployment benefits.

Talk about fiddling while Rome was burning. The Republican party is not interested in governing this country. Their sole intent is to prevent anything from getting done.

Then, when election day comes, they can spend millions of dollars saying it was all Obama’s fault and the typical Republican voter will believe it.

The Republican voters are almost as bad for America as are the crooks they elect into office.

Worst part is that at the end of the day, the Republican voters don’t even know or care what they’ve done.  All that matters is that their team won.

Fiddling while Rome burns is the same as filibustering and then going on vacation while unemployed freeze to death and starve.

Ah, the party of misplaced morals.

Obama, the NSA, and America’s Spying Problems

Obama, the NSA, and America’s Spying Problems
David Schlecht

I think we all agree that Obama is a whole lot better than Rmoney would have been but there are plenty of things that Obama needs to do better.

the NSA and the issue of spying on Americans is one of those issues.

Obama is wrong.

It’s time to shut down Bush’s NSA. It’s time to go back to following the constitution and give Americans their privacy.

The NSA’s spying on Americans has not stopped a single terrorist attack. Eventually they will. But changing the week from seven days to six or eight will stop just as many.

Obama is wrong.

It is time Obama and our congress dropped this nonsense and restored the constitution.

Write your congressman and the white house and demand a stop to this illegal behavior.

The Awakening of America

The Awakening of America
David Schlecht

American voters are waking up from the cult they have been mesmerized by.

As with cults, people believe the absurd without question. Those who are questioned are ostracized and eventually excommunicated from the cult.

Cult followers typically do things that are against their best interests. Cults like Jonestown require the followers give away all their possessions, especially money, the family savings, retirement savings, homes, stock investments.

Cult followers live in a daze and are unable or unwilling to accept that their cult is killing them. They think it will hurt for a moment and then they can live forever. Sometimes they wake up in time, but other times, like the German Nazis or Heaven’s Gate, they don’t wake up until it’s too late.

America has a national cult that has the people voting for things that are against their own best interests. America knows we need more jobs, we need a better safety net, we need more benefits for the middle class, we need to fix our health care system. Yet, the Republican voters vote for a party that is against all those things.

The cult members are drinking the poison and are dying in the streets and in the parks and behind the mini-marts because their cult has stopped their welfare, their unemployment benefits, and refuse to do anything that will produce jobs.

Yet, the cult members still follow their cult. The followers believe themselves to be Christians and follow the good book and help their neighbors, contribute to charities that help the poor. They believe that we should provide for the least among us. Yet, they still vote for a party that does just the opposite.

This is a cult following. There is no way to deny it.

If you believe in what America stands for and for Christianity and you still vote Republican, you are mesmerized by your cult. When you respond, “let them die” while you know that’s the wrong solution, your a mesmerized by your cult.

If you continue to vote Republican while they slash your wages, your retirement, your schools, your standard of living, if you continue to vote for them while your neighbors are starving and freezing to death, you are following a cult.

But, don’t despair, I’m not expecting you to come to your senses. Most cult followers die before they wake up.

But, if you’re a Republican voter, look around you and you will see, every day, more of your fellow Republicans waking up and shaking off the fog and leaving the party.

You can either wake up or you can die with your cult.

For America’s sake, I hope you wake up before you and those relying on you (America’s future) are beyond saving.

Net Neutrality – One of the Most Important Issues of our Day

Net Neutrality – One of the Most Important Issues of our Day

by Matt

One of the most important issues of our day and you can bet your worthless news media has said almost nothing about it, if anything at all.

The FCC decided the Internet is like TV and the providers can decide what you get to do on the Internet, they get to charge you extra for things they don’t want you to see, they can charge the providers of the information more or refuse to allow them into your network at all.

This is almost exactly like the communist country of China.

Who at the FCC would make such a destructive decision? Powell, the man who is now a big-shot K-street lobbyist for the FCC.

He screws American Internet users and gets a cushy job as a lobbyist. He should be in prison, in my opinion.

But yesterday, the DC Court decided that the FCC already decided that and so that is that, even if it’s an unsound position by the FCC.

Next it will go to the Corporatists in the Supreme Court and you know they will decide for the corporations and against America like they always do. Always. Ever heard of the Citizens United case? The Republicans in the Supreme Court screwed America in favor of the corporations on that one and we may never get illegal money out of our political system because of it. So you already know how these corporatists will decide when this case comes to them.

The only chance we have is to lobby the FCC to correct their faulty decision and classify Internet providers as common carriers, not content providers.

Tell the FCC to protect the Internet and restore Net Neutrality.

Join one of the many organization trying to fix this before it’s too late. If you can’t find one, let me suggest DemandProgress or The White House.

If you’re a Republican, are you seeing what your party is doing? I realize it’s hard to accept the fact that you made a mistake, but just the fact that you’re reading this shows that you are beginning to see. Good for you. Now, get active and help fix this before our Internet becomes just like China’s.


Obama’s TPP Problems

Obama’s TPP Problems
by Matt

Obama has gotten himself into a pickle, hoping to sneak through the TPP trade agreement. However, no matter how bad the prior agreements have been, this one has many poison pill requirements that many people are openly opposing the agreement.

If this agreement goes through, it will be a black mark on Obama’s legacy and has the potential to overshadow any good that he is able to walk away with as his eight years as president.

The congress just introduced Fast Track authority for Obama to slam this through without discussion and without exposing the bill to the public. Fortunately the public already has a good handle on what is in the bill and what harm it can do to America.

Hey, Obama, wash your hands of the TPP. It’ll only burn you and if, by some chance it passes, it’ll burn America.

Let’s all keep active on this issue and put it in its grave. A good place to go to join the TPP opposition is the PDAmerica group.


No More Wal-Marts

No More Wal-Marts
by Matt

Wal-Mart is planning to open a new store in Reno/Sparks, Nevada. This is wrong and we must stop it.

Start by visiting the website, Not Another Sparks Walmarts, and getting the low down.

But even if you don’t care what goes on in Nevada, you can still join the cause. America does not need any more Walmarts. They are not good for America and not good for American workers. Americans tax payers pick up the bill for their poor wages and lack of benefits because most Walmart workers require tax paid benefits to survive.

Nevada’s wages are already low enough.

Does America really need yet another Walmart?

Nevada’s Booming Economy and Right to Work for Less

Nevada’s Booming Economy
David Schlecht

This morning’s news reports that Nevada’s wages in the second quarter of 2013 were the highest ever. Wow, Nevada must be just booming. Imagine, they’re getting paid the highest EVER. You might want to give up your mediocre job in whatever state you live in and move to Nevada.

But wait. Let’s look at those numbers.

2011 Wkly Wage Pct chg
Q1 802
Q2 816 1.7%
Q3 845 3.4%
Q4 852 0.8%
Q1 846 -0.7%
Q2 815 -3.8%
Q3 820 0.6%
Q4 877 6.5%
Q1 844 -3.9%
Q2 829 -1.8%

So, over the past 2 1/2 years, a Nevadan’s wages went up a measly 3% During that same time period, inflation went up 6.8%.

In other words, the average Nevadan’s wages were reduced by 4%. In other words, Nevada lost $829 X .04 or $33 a week or $1,716 per year.

This is quite the opposite of what the worthless news media is reporting.

Worse, still, is that the “average” wages is a worthless number because it makes one think that wages on the “average” person has gone up but in reality the average person’s wages went down while the wages of the top 1% of wage earners went up by a greater number. These reports need to report the “mean”, not the “average” The “mean” value is the value where half the population makes more than that number and half of the people make less. This number is going down even though the average is going up.

One reason Nevada’s wages are so miserably low is that we are a “right to work for less” state. In other words, we’re not too smart when it comes to governing ourselves. Having said that, let me finish by saying that I am seeing Nevada coming to our senses. We are now majority Democratic and the majority are getting involved in the political process. Maybe we can reverse this “right to work” nonsense.


How to Reduce Abortions

How to Reduce Abortions

Paul J.


What is the best way to reduce the number of abortions each year?

Unfortunately, the majority of Americans don’t remember what it was like before Roe vs Wade.  But let me tell you what I remember.

Back in those days, when it was illegal to have an abortion, there were tens of thousands of them performed every year. That was when they were illegal.

When it was illegal, there was a criminal industry providing the services that people truly needed. There were botch abortions, where girls died. There  were botched self-abortions, you know, the old hanger approach where girls died. There were cases where girls died in childbirth because they were trying to hide their pregnancy. There were lots of deaths of young girls, needless deaths.

But, the rich didn’t die so much. They didn’t use the coat hanger. They got all the abortions they ever wanted in clean hospitals and doctor offices. They used to call them D&Cs. But the poor couldn’t get the safe illegal abortions, so many of the poor girls died.

Plenty of rich girls died, as well, those who were afraid to go to her parents’ doctor for help.

Making it illegal wasn’t working so America woke up and fixed it. Let that sink in a moment. We got wise and woke up and made them legal.

There was no explosion of abortions when they became legal. They just came out of the back alleys. Girls quit dying from botched self-administered abortions.

So if making them illegal doesn’t reduce them and only causes more problems, and making them legal doesn’t stop them, then what will?

It’s simple. It’s so simple everyone can understand. The best way to reduce abortions is to reduce unwanted pregnancies. That is all that there is to it. Simple.

How do you reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies? Obviously telling young adults not to have sex doesn’t work. Obviously pressuring girls into making vows with their daddies not to have sex doesn’t work. You can’t stop people from feeling the urges we were born with. You can’t stop people from having sex.

You can only help people have safe and protected sex. Teach people about safe sex. Make safe sex free by providing free birth control and free condoms. This doesn’t increase the frequency of sex, it just makes for fewer abortions.

If you really care about abortions, then you will agree that the only solution is to make them safe and seldom by helping people make good decisions when the time comes.

By the way, how’s that whole war on drugs going? We’ve been throwing trillions of dollars at drugs trying to eradicate them but we get nowhere with all our efforts. America is waking up to that fact. Making things illegal doesn’t stop people from doing it. It just makes the otherwise normal American a criminal. Or in the case of abortions, it make the otherwise normal American girl, dead in some dark alley.

If you’re a Christian, you can’t possibly believe that making abortions illegal is going to do any good. The only way is to help people who are in need of help. That is what Christ would do and you know it.

But, then again, I’m just a man and this is not my decision. It is the women of America who must decide what is right for each of them in each case and the rest of us need to stay out of it.

Any man you see trying to get involved in restricting abortions is nothing more than a bully trying to control other people. A sick and destructive bully.

The Stripping of America’s Wealth

The Stripping of America’s Wealth


If you are like the average American, you have seen your income and standard of living decline sharply in the past 10 years. In fact, you probably know personally many people who have seen their lives decline not just over the past 10 years but ever since the 80s.

Some of American’s money is going over seas through our insane trade policies, but the vast majority of our country’s wealth is being redistributed to the 400 wealthiest families in the country. We are being stripped of our wealth to feed the billionaires.

Yet we still grumble and bicker between ourselves. We blame each other. It’s the union workers, it’s the teachers, it’s the people with pensions, it’s the people on unemployment, welfare, food stamps. It’s the liberals or the Democrats or the Conservatives or the Libertarians …

Our news media, owned by the 1% just encourage it and refuse to explain what is really happening.

At the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin said:

We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.

Well, if we all bicker between ourselves and blame each other then, rather than coming together regardless of our differences, we will surely all starve separately while the rich continue to party and dance on our graves.

The Republican Party, Lost in the Dark

The Republican Party, Lost in the Dark
David Schlecht

The Republican voters are beginning to wake up and see exactly what party they have been voting for and the majority of these people are repulsed at what has become of the Republican party.

Just today, the Republican candidates were coached on how to act like they cared, how to act like they had empathy, how to pretend that they are anything but soulless sociopaths.  But how can you hide your sickness when you refuse to provide long term unemployment insurance for the poor and starving and freezing without demanding that you first get to take food out of the mouths of other starving children or giving more money to the rich? There’s just no hiding the true soul of the Republican party and their voters are finally beginning to see them for what they truly are.

The great majority of Americans believe we need to strengthen our safety net, increase unemployment and other benefits to the poor, increase the minimum wage, and start expecting the billionaires to pay their fair share, but the Republican party is opposed to all the things the majority of America wants. And you know what? The Republican voter is beginning to realize it.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of gullible or uneducated who will never abandon their corrupt party. But the majority of them are leaving.

That is one reason the Republican party is trying so hard to prevent people from legally voting.

Jesus said feed the hungry, clothe the naked (house the homeless), heal the sick. The Republican party says let them die. Take away unemployment benefits, take away housing assistance, repeal Obamacare.

Soulless sociopaths.


The Political Scandals of 2013

The Political Scandals of 2013
David Schlecht

Looking back over the year 2013 and the news stories in the forefront of American media, I see case after case of manufactured scandal. Take the four biggest scandals in the news last year:

1. The Benghazi scandal. Oh, how we should investigate and impeach Obama for something, anything related to Benghazi. Well, after almost a year of the media (you remember? the Liberal  Media?) telling us how this is the end of the world, or at least the end of the Obama/Hillary Clinton presidency, we are finally being told that it was all a farce. It was all a manufactured crisis sold to us and the news by a disreputable, immoral political party.

2. If it wasn’t all about Benghazi, then the Liberal News was telling us all about how the IRS was targeting the Tea Baggers. Well, after investigating it, we find that more liberal organizations were targeted than tea baggers and there was a Republican manager behind it and it wasn’t political at all, well, at least not targeted against the Tea Baggers. No, afraid not. No scandal, here. Just more lies and distortions amplified by our worthless news media, you know, the Liberal Media.

3. The Obamacare website was such a mess that no one wants to sign up for Obamacare. It must have been an anti-American plot by Obama, the lizard man from Kenya. Well, as it turns out, this site is working better than almost any site of its size and millions of Americans are finally getting the health insurance they need. So, again.the scandal turns out to be nothing, zilch, nada. But, alas, our Liberal Media was so happy to whip up the hysteria and the lies that the real news never even got reported. But, nope, no scandal here.

4. And, finally, the NSA scandal. Actually, we should refer to them as NSA scandals since there seems to be an endless stream of news of awful, unlawful, and downright horrendous actions perpetrated by the NSA. But, regardless of the fact that the news industry was trying to blame it on Obama, it is actually the Republican party that is all supportive of the agency illegally spying on Americans. No, I guess we can’t impeach Obama for that, but they’ll continue to look for more.

This past year, 2013 has been shining proof that it’s time to turn off the TV and corporate news. They are worse than just ineffective, they’re downright wrong, and harmful for America.

And, again, let me end this my saying, it must make a Republican voter proud to see what has become of their party. Is it time to kick them out and start a new Republican party yet?

The Best Unemployment Benefit is a Job

The Best Unemployment Benefit is a Job

by Dave Speck

We learned from the Great Depression of the 30s that the best way to provide unemployment benefits is to provide jobs.

We the people, our government, must be the employer of last resort.

When Capitalism fails, like it has today, then We the People have to step in and create work projects.

There is no limit of things that We the People need done. Our country is falling apart, We need to rebuild roads, bridges, bring our rail into the 21st century, take back our prisons and all the rest of the commons.

All these things must be done and doing them will eradicate unemployment and bring our economy back.

No wonder the Republican party is against it.

If we want to save this country, we can only do it by getting rid of the Republican party blocking our way at every turn.

Only Ten Months Left

Only Ten Months Left

by Matthew

Happy New Year!

Do you know what year this is?


Yes, it’s election year. It’s the year we Americans get the chance to clean up our government. Every two years we get the chance to completely replace our House of Representatives.

That is in only 10 months.

If we want to see some meaningful change, whether you are Republican or Democrat, now is the time, right now, to start setting goals to fix things at the next election.

We can’t wait until October to change things and hope that anything will change. We must start today.

What can you, yourself, what can you do to help America prepare for the coming election?

Voting is not enough. It is not even close to enough. You have to get involved. We all must get involved in the management of our country. If we don’t, those who have the money and the wherewithal to buy our government will be doing just that.

Do you want to see some meaningful changes by the next election? Here are some things you can get involved in that can actually make a difference.

  1. Volunteer at your political party headquarters. Get involved. Become a committee chairperson. Check out this video for easy instruction on how to have a major impact on the candidates in your party.
  2. Join political movements that reflect your values. Join things like Move to Amend, or PD America, or Electronic Frontier Foundation, or any of many others. You can Google for a list or go to Source Watch for a list.
  3. Volunteer for your favorite candidate. But do it now. Don’t wait until October.

Now is a good time to make a New Year’s resolution to help pay back the country that you love. Get involved, today.

Some Republican Politicians Are Bad, But Not Mine

Some Republican Politicians Are Bad, But Not Mine
David Schlecht

I have heard so many Republican voters explain to me how they admit their party is sick all the way to the core. But, they always say, their own Republican politician is not so they continue to vote for them.

But here’s the problem. The one Republican you think is out of step with the rest of the infected party, the one you vote for, is the one that is enabling the nut cases in the party to continue to do what they will.

Voting for any Republican is only enabling the rest of the deranged party to act as absolutely bizarre as they do. Compared to the Tea Baggers, my Republican almost seems sane.

No, my dear Republican friends, your Republican is enabling the entire party to go off the cliff. The only way to stop them from going further and further of the rails is to quit voting for them, any of them.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that your elected Republican is okay because he’s not as crazy as the rest of the party. He IS the party and you are enabling the party to get crazier and crazier as long as you vote for them.