Nevada Purges Voter Rolls

Nevada Purges Voter Rolls
David Schlecht

Nevada purged their voter rolls this month. Voter roll cleanup is required after every major general election. There was no general election this past month, except maybe the voting for Santa Clause. The news release says that “all parties decreased their voter registration numbers.”

Sounds like it’s pretty much even across the board, wouldn’t you think?

Well, no! That’s not the case at all.

25,390 Democrats lost their voter registration while only 12,357 Republicans lost theirs. Hardly even if you ask me. Twice as many Democrats lost their right to vote. We’re cleaning the Democratic voters out of the voting ranks.

Why? Is it because we want more democracy in Nevada? Sure! Do we want fewer legal people to vote because they’re Democrats?

The fact that the news release doesn’t explore the details makes me wonder why they bother to report it at all.

If you live in Nevada or if you know anyone who lives in Nevada, talk to your friends and family and make sure they’re registered to vote, no matter what party. Have them check to ensure they haven’t been improperly removed from the lists. That’s what Democracy is all about. Everyone should vote. Removing valid voters from the voter rolls is one of the most unethical and unpatriotic slimy underhanded tricks a party can pull.

I guess  that explains why the Republican party is so actively participating in such behavior. Must make Republican voters proud to see their party in action.