Only Ten Months Left

Only Ten Months Left

by Matthew

Happy New Year!

Do you know what year this is?


Yes, it’s election year. It’s the year we Americans get the chance to clean up our government. Every two years we get the chance to completely replace our House of Representatives.

That is in only 10 months.

If we want to see some meaningful change, whether you are Republican or Democrat, now is the time, right now, to start setting goals to fix things at the next election.

We can’t wait until October to change things and hope that anything will change. We must start today.

What can you, yourself, what can you do to help America prepare for the coming election?

Voting is not enough. It is not even close to enough. You have to get involved. We all must get involved in the management of our country. If we don’t, those who have the money and the wherewithal to buy our government will be doing just that.

Do you want to see some meaningful changes by the next election? Here are some things you can get involved in that can actually make a difference.

  1. Volunteer at your political party headquarters. Get involved. Become a committee chairperson. Check out this video for easy instruction on how to have a major impact on the candidates in your party.
  2. Join political movements that reflect your values. Join things like Move to Amend, or PD America, or Electronic Frontier Foundation, or any of many others. You can Google for a list or go to Source Watch for a list.
  3. Volunteer for your favorite candidate. But do it now. Don’t wait until October.

Now is a good time to make a New Year’s resolution to help pay back the country that you love. Get involved, today.

Some Republican Politicians Are Bad, But Not Mine

Some Republican Politicians Are Bad, But Not Mine
David Schlecht

I have heard so many Republican voters explain to me how they admit their party is sick all the way to the core. But, they always say, their own Republican politician is not so they continue to vote for them.

But here’s the problem. The one Republican you think is out of step with the rest of the infected party, the one you vote for, is the one that is enabling the nut cases in the party to continue to do what they will.

Voting for any Republican is only enabling the rest of the deranged party to act as absolutely bizarre as they do. Compared to the Tea Baggers, my Republican almost seems sane.

No, my dear Republican friends, your Republican is enabling the entire party to go off the cliff. The only way to stop them from going further and further of the rails is to quit voting for them, any of them.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that your elected Republican is okay because he’s not as crazy as the rest of the party. He IS the party and you are enabling the party to get crazier and crazier as long as you vote for them.

Impeach Obama

Impeach Obama
David Schlecht

Let’s imagine for a moment that you hated America. If you did, you would want the president to fail no matter what he did.

You would do everything in your power to prevent any successes by the president.

You would want the president to be impeached, even without grounds.

Yes, you would be a Republican. This isn’t hyperbole. The Republican party wants any democratically elected Democratic president to fail and be impeached.

The Republican party wants to incur whatever pain and damage it can do as long as it can blame it on a Democratic president.

Remember the Clinton impeachment hearings? Do you remember the years and years of witch hunts the country endured while the Republicans accused him of one thing after another? Do you remember how they could find nothing worth impeaching him for except trying to hide a sexual relationship. Do you remember?

That same old Republican party is now blaming Obama for one thing after another hoping to find something, anything they can impeach him for.

This is not the mark of a political party. This is the mark of a sickness.

If you’re a Republican, you must be real proud to see what has become of your party.