Impeach Obama

Impeach Obama
David Schlecht

Let’s imagine for a moment that you hated America. If you did, you would want the president to fail no matter what he did.

You would do everything in your power to prevent any successes by the president.

You would want the president to be impeached, even without grounds.

Yes, you would be a Republican. This isn’t hyperbole. The Republican party wants any democratically elected Democratic president to fail and be impeached.

The Republican party wants to incur whatever pain and damage it can do as long as it can blame it on a Democratic president.

Remember the Clinton impeachment hearings? Do you remember the years and years of witch hunts the country endured while the Republicans accused him of one thing after another? Do you remember how they could find nothing worth impeaching him for except trying to hide a sexual relationship. Do you remember?

That same old Republican party is now blaming Obama for one thing after another hoping to find something, anything they can impeach him for.

This is not the mark of a political party. This is the mark of a sickness.

If you’re a Republican, you must be real proud to see what has become of your party.

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  1. Out entire political process is rotten to the very foundation. It’s not all one party.

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