Some Republican Politicians Are Bad, But Not Mine

Some Republican Politicians Are Bad, But Not Mine
David Schlecht

I have heard so many Republican voters explain to me how they admit their party is sick all the way to the core. But, they always say, their own Republican politician is not so they continue to vote for them.

But here’s the problem. The one Republican you think is out of step with the rest of the infected party, the one you vote for, is the one that is enabling the nut cases in the party to continue to do what they will.

Voting for any Republican is only enabling the rest of the deranged party to act as absolutely bizarre as they do. Compared to the Tea Baggers, my Republican almost seems sane.

No, my dear Republican friends, your Republican is enabling the entire party to go off the cliff. The only way to stop them from going further and further of the rails is to quit voting for them, any of them.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that your elected Republican is okay because he’s not as crazy as the rest of the party. He IS the party and you are enabling the party to get crazier and crazier as long as you vote for them.

2 thoughts on “Some Republican Politicians Are Bad, But Not Mine”

  1. You can’t tell me the Democrat party is perfect. They are responsible for the free trade agreements that are hollowing out our manufacturing sector.

  2. You must had read my mind on this blog post. This is exactly what kept me in the Republican party for years after I should have left. I knew the party was rotten but kept thinking that if we could just elect a few more good politicians, everything would work out.

    It doesn’t work that way, the new candidates don’t change the party, the party changes them.

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