The Best Unemployment Benefit is a Job

The Best Unemployment Benefit is a Job

by Dave Speck

We learned from the Great Depression of the 30s that the best way to provide unemployment benefits is to provide jobs.

We the people, our government, must be the employer of last resort.

When Capitalism fails, like it has today, then We the People have to step in and create work projects.

There is no limit of things that We the People need done. Our country is falling apart, We need to rebuild roads, bridges, bring our rail into the 21st century, take back our prisons and all the rest of the commons.

All these things must be done and doing them will eradicate unemployment and bring our economy back.

No wonder the Republican party is against it.

If we want to save this country, we can only do it by getting rid of the Republican party blocking our way at every turn.

2 thoughts on “The Best Unemployment Benefit is a Job”

  1. This seems so simple, so common-sense. Why do the Republicans oppose it so much? The Republicans voted to extend unemployment benefits all FIVE times under Bush. Now they will try to stop the world from spinning before giving Obama the same vote.

    I wonder if Republican voters even realize what their party is doing. Are they so blinded by conservative media that they don’t even know what is happening?

  2. Actually, the quote used to say that the best form of welfare is a job, but it’s true for unemployment as well. Well, within reason, of course. After all, it’s at least one third of those receiving welfare benefits who will never be able to work again (disabilities…). Giving them a job will not help. At the same time, giving them unemployment is wrong.

    Or is it? If we paid into unemployment, shouldn’t we claim benefits when we deserve them? If we paid into welfare, or social security, shouldn’t we claim them when we meet the criteria?

    I’m still uncertain, obviously.

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