The Political Scandals of 2013

The Political Scandals of 2013
David Schlecht

Looking back over the year 2013 and the news stories in the forefront of American media, I see case after case of manufactured scandal. Take the four biggest scandals in the news last year:

1. The Benghazi scandal. Oh, how we should investigate and impeach Obama for something, anything related to Benghazi. Well, after almost a year of the media (you remember? the LiberalĀ  Media?) telling us how this is the end of the world, or at least the end of the Obama/Hillary Clinton presidency, we are finally being told that it was all a farce. It was all a manufactured crisis sold to us and the news by a disreputable, immoral political party.

2. If it wasn’t all about Benghazi, then the Liberal News was telling us all about how the IRS was targeting the Tea Baggers. Well, after investigating it, we find that more liberal organizations were targeted than tea baggers and there was a Republican manager behind it and it wasn’t political at all, well, at least not targeted against the Tea Baggers. No, afraid not. No scandal, here. Just more lies and distortions amplified by our worthless news media, you know, the Liberal Media.

3. The Obamacare website was such a mess that no one wants to sign up for Obamacare. It must have been an anti-American plot by Obama, the lizard man from Kenya. Well, as it turns out, this site is working better than almost any site of its size and millions of Americans are finally getting the health insurance they need. So, again.the scandal turns out to be nothing, zilch, nada. But, alas, our Liberal Media was so happy to whip up the hysteria and the lies that the real news never even got reported. But, nope, no scandal here.

4. And, finally, the NSA scandal. Actually, we should refer to them as NSA scandals since there seems to be an endless stream of news of awful, unlawful, and downright horrendous actions perpetrated by the NSA. But, regardless of the fact that the news industry was trying to blame it on Obama, it is actually the Republican party that is all supportive of the agency illegally spying on Americans. No, I guess we can’t impeach Obama for that, but they’ll continue to look for more.

This past year, 2013 has been shining proof that it’s time to turn off the TV and corporate news. They are worse than just ineffective, they’re downright wrong, and harmful for America.

And, again, let me end this my saying, it must make a Republican voter proud to see what has become of their party. Is it time to kick them out and start a new Republican party yet?

2 thoughts on “The Political Scandals of 2013”

  1. Ah, yes, Republicans. The party of eternal stench. I can only hope that the poor misguided Republican voters are coming to their senses. Maybe the Koolaid is wearing off.

  2. This type of Republican “cut off your nose to spite your face” attitude makes me so embarrassed to admit I used to be one.

    These constant attacks are not good for America and aren’t working for the Republican party anymore, either.

    I know a lot of Republicans who haven’t admitted to themselves yet, but they’re done with the party as well.

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