No More Wal-Marts

No More Wal-Marts
by Matt

Wal-Mart is planning to open a new store in Reno/Sparks, Nevada. This is wrong and we must stop it.

Start by visiting the website, Not Another Sparks Walmarts, and getting the low down.

But even if you don’t care what goes on in Nevada, you can still join the cause. America does not need any more Walmarts. They are not good for America and not good for American workers. Americans tax payers pick up the bill for their poor wages and lack of benefits because most Walmart workers require tax paid benefits to survive.

Nevada’s wages are already low enough.

Does America really need yet another Walmart?

5 thoughts on “No More Wal-Marts”

  1. I think we should pass a law that says that any company that has more than 5% of their workforce on federal assistance loses all tax deductions. If they have more than 10%, then they also get a minimum corporate tax rate of 99%.

    That way it’s not illegal to be a leach on the backs of society, just not a gig that will last very long.

    Maybe even add the next level and say anything over 15% and 99% of your board of directors must be controlled by representatives of the employees. If the employees don’t have an organization to fulfill the requirement then the company will pay to create a union which will also perform as board of directors.

  2. Any true conservative knows that a successful capitalistic economy requires oversight and regulation. We’ve all played Monopoly. We all know how it ends if there is no way to stop companies from outgrowing their britches.

    Wal-mart has outgrown theirs and it is up to us (yes, government) to put them back in line.

    In the meantime, while we’re waiting to get our government back, we can all help out by opposing any new Wal-marts.

  3. So, what’s the news. Did they meet? Did they get the permit to continue? I can’t find anything about this in the news.

  4. The spineless Sparks City Council voted unanimously to allow Walmart to open another store. Their argument is that it will mean 300 new jobs in Sparks. How ignorant can one be? It will cost 600 decent paying jobs, 200 businesses, lots of tax revenue. We will get, in return, 300 sub poverty jobs that the state and federal government will have to subsidize.

    Time for a new city council. Start a recall petition today.

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