Obama’s TPP Problems

Obama’s TPP Problems
by Matt

Obama has gotten himself into a pickle, hoping to sneak through the TPP trade agreement. However, no matter how bad the prior agreements have been, this one has many poison pill requirements that many people are openly opposing the agreement.

If this agreement goes through, it will be a black mark on Obama’s legacy and has the potential to overshadow any good that he is able to walk away with as his eight years as president.

The congress just introduced Fast Track authority for Obama to slam this through without discussion and without exposing the bill to the public. Fortunately the public already has a good handle on what is in the bill and what harm it can do to America.

Hey, Obama, wash your hands of the TPP. It’ll only burn you and if, by some chance it passes, it’ll burn America.

Let’s all keep active on this issue and put it in its grave. A good place to go to join the TPP opposition is the PDAmerica group.


3 thoughts on “Obama’s TPP Problems”

  1. I’m not the first person to say this, but Obama is not a perfect president. He is a far cry from it. But, the biggest Obama or any president has is the influence of money in government. There is big money pushing the TPP and it’s hard to resist such pressure.

    Yet again, the problem of money in government is the root of the problem. And as a former Republican, I’m ashamed of what the Republican party has done to the supreme court, advancing money in politics.

  2. Just the fact that they are keeping this so secret from the American people, it is obviously toxic.

    Obama, what are you doing? This is not what we elected you to do.

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