Net Neutrality – One of the Most Important Issues of our Day

Net Neutrality – One of the Most Important Issues of our Day

by Matt

One of the most important issues of our day and you can bet your worthless news media has said almost nothing about it, if anything at all.

The FCC decided the Internet is like TV and the providers can decide what you get to do on the Internet, they get to charge you extra for things they don’t want you to see, they can charge the providers of the information more or refuse to allow them into your network at all.

This is almost exactly like the communist country of China.

Who at the FCC would make such a destructive decision? Powell, the man who is now a big-shot K-street lobbyist for the FCC.

He screws American Internet users and gets a cushy job as a lobbyist. He should be in prison, in my opinion.

But yesterday, the DC Court decided that the FCC already decided that and so that is that, even if it’s an unsound position by the FCC.

Next it will go to the Corporatists in the Supreme Court and you know they will decide for the corporations and against America like they always do. Always. Ever heard of the Citizens United case? The Republicans in the Supreme Court screwed America in favor of the corporations on that one and we may never get illegal money out of our political system because of it. So you already know how these corporatists will decide when this case comes to them.

The only chance we have is to lobby the FCC to correct their faulty decision and classify Internet providers as common carriers, not content providers.

Tell the FCC to protect the Internet and restore Net Neutrality.

Join one of the many organization trying to fix this before it’s too late. If you can’t find one, let me suggest DemandProgress or The White House.

If you’re a Republican, are you seeing what your party is doing? I realize it’s hard to accept the fact that you made a mistake, but just the fact that you’re reading this shows that you are beginning to see. Good for you. Now, get active and help fix this before our Internet becomes just like China’s.