Obama, the NSA, and America’s Spying Problems

Obama, the NSA, and America’s Spying Problems
David Schlecht

I think we all agree that Obama is a whole lot better than Rmoney would have been but there are plenty of things that Obama needs to do better.

the NSA and the issue of spying on Americans is one of those issues.

Obama is wrong.

It’s time to shut down Bush’s NSA. It’s time to go back to following the constitution and give Americans their privacy.

The NSA’s spying on Americans has not stopped a single terrorist attack. Eventually they will. But changing the week from seven days to six or eight will stop just as many.

Obama is wrong.

It is time Obama and our congress dropped this nonsense and restored the constitution.

Write your congressman and the white house and demand a stop to this illegal behavior.

3 thoughts on “Obama, the NSA, and America’s Spying Problems”

  1. One thing that I find refreshing in the liberal blogs (as opposed to the fictional liberal media) is their ability to openly disagree with their political leaders.

    If any Republicans dared post something saying Bush was wrong, they would cease to be relevant in the political media arena.

    I guess when you refuse to admit when you’re wrong, you’re doomed to be wrong a lot.

  2. It’s my opinion that three things will haunt the Obama legacy for all time. 1) Drone murders, 2) Spying on Americans just like a Bush, and 3) the TPP, you know, Obama-trade.

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