No More Walmarts in Sparks

No More Walmarts in Sparks
David Schlecht

In an earlier post by Matt, we learn that Walmart is hoping to open a new store, yet another Wal-mart in Sparks, Nevada.

The last thing America needs is another Walmart.

As it turned out, the Sparks City Council caved in, completely. It was unanimous! They heart Walmart.

As some of the comments suggest, perhaps it’s time to replace the Sparks City Council.  Perhaps recall petitions starting today might open their eyes before the damage is done.

But, the fight is not over. I got an email from Ken Johnston who is actively working on preventing this mistake:

You are receiving this message because you expressed interest in the proposed Walmart Supercenter in Sparks. As you know or may have heard, the Sparks city council recently approved Walmart’s special use permit last Monday, allowing the developer and Walmart to begin construction of the 185,000 square foot Walmart Supercenter on 18 acres near Sparks Marina at Marina Gateway Drive and Lincoln Way.
However, I just learned that in order for the project to move forward, it must also be approved by the Truckee Meadows Regional Agency. As has been consistent with this project, we have little notice or time to act. Specifically, the Regional Planning Commission will be holding a public meeting and vote on whether or not to approve the project as being “in conformance with the regional plan” this upcoming Wednesday at 6:00pm at the Washoe County Commission Chambers located at 1001 East Ninth Street in Reno 
Just like at the council meeting, any member of the public will be allowed to attend and speak for up to three minutes on why the project is not right for Sparks or the region for that matter. I strongly encourage anyone who is able to attend to please do so and speak out on why this project is so bad for the community. After the issue is discussed, the commission will then likely vote on whether or not to approve the developer’s and Walmart’s plans. Hearing from the public on why this is wrong for the community could make the difference.
If the vote does not go our way, there is also an opportunity to appeal the commission’s decision to the governing board and I will keep you posted on that. However, please consider attending this important meeting and if you can’t make it, please let others know who might be able to; you can point them to the website for specifics Also, please consider emailing or calling the Truckee-Meadows Regional Planning Commissioners (; 775-321-8385) to let them know that we do not want or need another Walmart Supercenter in Sparks!
Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend this last minute meeting due to traveling for work but would appreciate hearing how it goes from anyone who is able to attend. Please email me if and when you get a chance to let me know how it goes and if you have any questions before or after. Thank you in advance for your support and efforts on this important issue.
Best regards,
Ken Johnston


More Walmarts means more of our tax dollars supporting sub-poverty wages, food stamps, welfare, all to fatten the profits of the Walmart heirs. It means more locally owned stored going under. It means more decent paying jobs going away. It’s bad any way you look at it.

If you’re from the Reno/Sparks area or Nevada or anywhere in this world, help us by joining in our fight to stop yet another Walmart in Sparks.

Are we seeing the cancer stage of capitalism?

Vacationing While Unemployed Starve

It might be hard for most people to believe, but the Senate just went on a week long vacation.

The Republican Senators wouldn’t even allow a bill to come up for a vote, for an emergency extension of unemployment benefits.

Talk about fiddling while Rome was burning. The Republican party is not interested in governing this country. Their sole intent is to prevent anything from getting done.

Then, when election day comes, they can spend millions of dollars saying it was all Obama’s fault and the typical Republican voter will believe it.

The Republican voters are almost as bad for America as are the crooks they elect into office.

Worst part is that at the end of the day, the Republican voters don’t even know or care what they’ve done.  All that matters is that their team won.

Fiddling while Rome burns is the same as filibustering and then going on vacation while unemployed freeze to death and starve.

Ah, the party of misplaced morals.