Suicide Rates

I ran across this (albeit old) article in the BBC the other day and just had to share it.

According to an article in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, suicide rates go up measurably when a country is governed by Republicans (conservatives).

Yes, indeed, the Republican party is the party of Jesus. Starve the poor.

3 thoughts on “Suicide Rates”

  1. This is not just sad but sick and frightening. But, it does make sense. I hope more people read this and wake up.

  2. This is another very sad example of what the republican party brings. How sad. How sick.

    Help the rich and starve the poor. I truthfully cannot understand why anyone still votes for a party that makes life worse rather than better. Well, I guess at least they can tell themselves that they’re making life better for the billionaires by killing off the poor.

  3. Reading this breaks my heart. Today’s republican is not human any more. There is no empathy, no charity, no concern for their brother man. Oh, but they give to the church like that makes some sort of difference. They donate to a hate group that hates the poor yet preaches love and hypocrisy.

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