Enough Trickle Down

How’s that whole trickle down economics working for you?

Do you realize we’ve been in Reganomics for over 30 years now and it’s tearing this country apart.

It’s time we quit with the lies of Trickle Down economics, or Voodoo economics as the Republicans used to call it.

It’s time to roll back the Reagan tax cuts and start rebuilding our middle class. It’s time to end the trade agreements and go back to the tariffs that worked for 200 years.

Check out Thom Hartmann’s article on the failed state of Reaganomics.

4 thoughts on “Enough Trickle Down”

  1. This is a known failure since the beginning but it is the zombie that refuses to die because it has big money keeping it alive. Give to the rich and the poor will do better. I mean really. Is anyone really that foolish?

  2. I doubt even republicans believed this idiocy when Reagan was peddling it way back then. It’s the lie that just never goes away.

  3. Enough already. I’ve given this whole trickle down nonsense long enough. It’s time we all woke up and realized it’s a scam.

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