Keystone XL Pipeline – It Ain’t Over Yet

The oil industry is pouring millions of dollars into marketing, telling Americans that it’s all over but the crying and it doesn’t matter if we think it’s our country or not, they’ll do what they damn well please.

I’m seeing pundit after pundit repeating the billionaire marketing jingles.

But it ain’t over. Americans aren’t going to just bend over and take it up the pipeline. There is still plenty we can do and our numbers are still growing.

But, it’s time, today, to make a stand. Let the billionaires and their XL Pipeline cheer leaders know that this is still our country and we don’t want the stinking toxic sludge coming across our country just so the billionaires can refine it in the Gulf Coast and then ship it all out of the country.

This pipeline will actually cause our gas prices to go up because none of the gas that is refined will be sold in America.

America doesn’t want the XL Pipeline and we will be heard.

Oh, those poor misunderstood billionaires and oil executives and transnational corporations. Don’t you just feel sorry for them?

Get involved. It’s not over yet.

3 thoughts on “Keystone XL Pipeline – It Ain’t Over Yet”

  1. Exactly why is a liberal president pushing through this conservative wet dream? He finally got his head out of the sand and stopped with his plans to cut Social Security. Maybe he can be brought to his senses on this if we all hollar loud enough.

  2. The sad thing is that the average Republican is so misinformed that they don’t even realize that none of this gas is destined for America. In fact, completing the pipeline will cause US gas prices to increase.

  3. Is this true? The XL Pipeline will actually increase gas prices in America? What a scam. Why would anyone vote for this, then?

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