The Liberal Media

Moral Mondays held a march in North Carolina which drew 80,000-100,000 marchers.

The major national corporate media ignored it.

If we had a biased conservative corporate media, they would publicize tea party events of this size for weeks upon weeks, just like the Glenn Beck joke.  The network news were all over this like flies on well, you get the idea. They showed clip after clip for over two weeks.

If our nation’s network news was unbiased, they would spend weeks after weeks covering the Moral Monday marches as well. But, nope, not a word.

If our nation’s network news was even the slightest bit liberal, they would cover both events but maybe have a little more time for the liberal news or maybe paint the liberal events in a more positive light than the Glenn Beck rally.

If our nation’s media was actually liberal, they would publish weeks of Moral Monday marches and no mention of the tea baggers, sort of like they do for the conservative events.

So, you tell me, are you still listening to the news sources that you know are lying to you about there being a liberal media bias? If you are, why? Why would anyone listen to a news source they knew was lying?

5 thoughts on “The Liberal Media”

  1. If there really was a liberal media, there would have been more news about the poor in America back when it was mostly black people, but now that it affects whites too, the conservative media is starting to report on it.

  2. If there was a liberal media we would be hearing endless stories about the harm the free trade agreements have caused America. But, no. Hardly a word.

  3. If there was a liberal media, there would be endless coverage of how the corporations are trying to ram through the TPP using Fast Track and Obama is playing right into it.

  4. I’m still waiting to hear the “liberal media” trash and burn the Republicans for wasting more millions of our tax dollars on yet another repeal Obamacare farce while they’re neglecting everything that matter. That’s over 50 stunts, now.

    Liberal Media. Ya.

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