Who is “The Government”?

Who is The Government?

If you wanted to work against the best interests of a democracy, you would always refer to it as “The Government”. You would try to get people to disassociate with their government.

In a democracy, we are the government. Remember “We The People”?

Every time you see or hear someone say, “The Government” mentally replace it with “WE THE PEOPLE” and you can tell if they’re just trying to undermine your democracy.

If you think it’s not your government because your guy didn’t win, then you need to get a better handle on the meaning of democracy. If the majority don’t like a representative, then they vote them out. Either way, the voters get who they deserve, even if it’s not who they want.

When did you last hear someone refer to our government as the government and why don’t they know it’s not the government but OUR GOVERNMENT?