Dumb as a Tea Bagger

We used to use the phrase, “dumb as a post,” but more fitting in these days would be “dumb as a tea bagger.”

Twenty years ago, when we saw fools voting against their own best interests and wearing three pointed hats with tea bags hanging from them, we would scoff and disapprove. The fools wouldn’t show up in the news except a few humor stories from time to time.

These days, we have a political party intent on taking advantage of the poor misguided fools. They even have their own news media, Fox News, who tried to give the fools legitimacy.

This is not good for America. We need to call a fool a fool and we need to turn off and openly complain about any news media that tried to give legitimacy to the lunacy of the tea party.

One thought on “Dumb as a Tea Bagger”

  1. This is a mighty funny lead-in but the crux of the issue is far from funny. Fox news frequently incites violence. They should see a few of their personalities go to prison from time to time until they clean up their act, and if they can’t clean it up then it’s time for America to clean their clock.

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