Don’t Attack ISIS

ISIS is goading us into another war.

They would like us dropping bombs in Iraq, killing more Muslims.

They would like us killing more Iraqis.

They would like us creating more enemies, more terrorists.

How has this shoot first approach worked for us so far? Are we seeing more terrorists or fewer? The obvious answer is more.

You don’t defeat hatred by bombing and killing people. You show yourself to be the better human, the better country, the better religion.

Hey, Obama, stay out of Iraq. Don’t bomb ISIS.

Do you disagree? Leave a comment and make your case.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Attack ISIS”

  1. You know, if we weren’t addicted to oil, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    It’s time to give up oil and move to renewables, and doesn’t mean poisonous nuclear.

  2. But but but they’re killing Americans. We can’t just ignore them. Oh wait. Americans are dying anywhere. We’re not going to bomb every country an American has been murdered in are we?

    ISIS is a criminal entity and should be handled as such.

    But really now, we wouldn’t be having this problem if Bush the War Criminal hadn’t lied us into invading Iraq.

  3. I’m mixed on this issues. We can’t show signs of weakness or they’ll continue to try to bully us. Ignoring a bully doesn’t make him go away. We can’t risk the whole middle east turning into radicals.

    And, yes, I agree, bombing them will only make more radicals, but letting the radical disease spread won’t help either.

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