A Political Revolution

Bernie Sanders has tossed his hat in the ring for US president. As some have already explained, this is good for America.

The main stream media (owned by billionaires and run by millionaires) does everything in their power to prevent senator Sanders’ voice from getting heard. The reason is that his voice frightens them to death.

They are afraid that if America hears what Bernie Sanders has to say, people will wake up to the failure of the media. America will wake up to the fact that our news is so corrupted by money that the real issues are no longer reported. Look at the news coverage on Baltimore, for example.  Non of the major news outlets explain what is causing the unrest in middle America.

Bernie Sanders, today, asked that the media clean up their act and not treat the election as a horse race or an opportunity to play politics, but rather to talk about the issues that the candidates present. Do you know what the media did with this challenge?

You guessed it, they flat out ignored him. “Bernie who?”

Don’t discount this man as a viable candidate. He already has the same approval rating that Obama did at this point in his election.

Look at what Bernie Sander has to say and look at how he has voted and you will find that he represents the interests and wishes of the vast majority of Americans.

What things really matter most to you? Here are things almost all of America agrees with Bernie Sanders on:

  • No more lousy free trade agreements
  • Bring our jobs home
  • Improve the pay of the poor and middle class
  • Save the environment
  • Get our billionaires under control
  • Get our billionaires out of our government

Go see what Sanders has to offer. Don’t wait for the media to tell you because it’s in their best interest to ignore anyone who wishes to reduce the strangle hold the wealthy have on our country.

Go to BernieSanders.com and sign up. Go to SandersSenate.gov to see how he has voted.

I’m not endorsing Bernie Sanders as a candidate, at least not yet, I’m just trying to get the word out that the corrupt media is trying to hide.

Why it’s good to have Bernie Sanders Run

Bernie Sanders says he’ll announce his bid for president by the end of April. This is a good thing, and I’ll tell you why.

If no one opposes Hillary, then she will only have to appeal to the moderate or undecided voter. This is exactly the foolishness she will pursue in this case.

The Democratic party is under the delusion that they would win if they could just move far enough to the middle to attract the moderates.


The reason the Democrats aren’t winning is because they’ve ceased to be Democrats and are now more conservative than the most rabid Republican of just a generation ago.

If Bernie Sanders runs, Hillary will have to compete for the base of the Democratic party which means she’ll campaign more to the left, more to the principles of the party. This will also open up the arena for more discussion of Democratic principles rather than just moderate issues.

Who knows? Maybe Bernie might even win. Anything to the left of the rabid Republicans is good for America. Let’s talk about and vote on real American issues, like increasing Social Security benefits, getting money out of politics, making college affordable, health care for all, you know, all the things the Democrats and all of America want.

Without Bernie, Hillary will be talking about only cutting Social Security a little, making college affordable for one or two maybe in a decade or two, about how we’ll only reduce health care coverage by a little.

Run, Bernie, Run. He has my vote!