Why it’s good to have Bernie Sanders Run

Bernie Sanders says he’ll announce his bid for president by the end of April. This is a good thing, and I’ll tell you why.

If no one opposes Hillary, then she will only have to appeal to the moderate or undecided voter. This is exactly the foolishness she will pursue in this case.

The Democratic party is under the delusion that they would win if they could just move far enough to the middle to attract the moderates.


The reason the Democrats aren’t winning is because they’ve ceased to be Democrats and are now more conservative than the most rabid Republican of just a generation ago.

If Bernie Sanders runs, Hillary will have to compete for the base of the Democratic party which means she’ll campaign more to the left, more to the principles of the party. This will also open up the arena for more discussion of Democratic principles rather than just moderate issues.

Who knows? Maybe Bernie might even win. Anything to the left of the rabid Republicans is good for America. Let’s talk about and vote on real American issues, like increasing Social Security benefits, getting money out of politics, making college affordable, health care for all, you know, all the things the Democrats and all of America want.

Without Bernie, Hillary will be talking about only cutting Social Security a little, making college affordable for one or two maybe in a decade or two, about how we’ll only reduce health care coverage by a little.

Run, Bernie, Run. He has my vote!

One thought on “Why it’s good to have Bernie Sanders Run”

  1. You know, Bernie says he is in no way running in order to move Hillary to the left. But, it is a wonderful unintended consequence.

    I only wish we had even more great options to choose from, but these two are a good change from what we’ve had in the past.

    Remember, Hillary is not Bill. With enough pressure from the voters she will deliver the progressive changes we need. But, boys and girls, we have to stay active or our apathy will leave whoever wins at the whims of the moneyed establishment infecting our government.

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