Trump – Not Owned By the Billionaires

If you’re one of the Trump supporters who felt Trump was safe from the influence of the 1% because he is rich enough ro fund his own campaign, think again. Trump is now soliciting campaign donations from billionaires to help fund his campaign.

Don’t you feel foolish for believing his lies? Don’t you wonder about what else he has lied about?

You didn’t really believe him anyway did you?

2 thoughts on “Trump – Not Owned By the Billionaires”

  1. Many people don’t have the logic skills to realize it’s all just BS. He spews the magic buzz words and fools fall for it every time. It’s been the GOP shtick for a long time now. Finally it’s become too obvious to deny it any longer.

  2. Anyone interested in supporting Trump needs to read the news. He’s caught in one lie after another. Only sick people and racist bigots would even consider voting for this sorry excuse of a man.

    I once heard someone say they liked Trump because of his business sense. Say what? He’s put companies in bankruptcy just like he would bankrupt America. Yet the weak minded will continue to support him no matter how much he becomes like America’s Hitler.

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