One Quarter of All Pregnancies End in Abortion

hangerThis is an interesting article in the BBC stating that estimates suggest 25% of all pregnancies end in abortion, worldwide.

One of the most important issues is that abortions are going down in developed countries but going up in under developed countries. Countries where women have access to birth control show a lower abortion rate.

What does that mean for America? If the Republicans get their way, birth control will continue to be difficult or impossible for some women to obtain. Add to that, the Republicans are pushing for abstinence-only education, making it even more likely that there will be unwanted pregnancies.

If you’re against abortion, you need to get the Republicans out of power in the USA.

It’s really that simple.

One thought on “One Quarter of All Pregnancies End in Abortion”

  1. America’s religions have all become mirror images of what they profess to represent. Against everything God or Jesus would demand of his followers.

    But they would never understand that, now would they?

    Organized religion is one of the most destructive things we humans participate in.

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