Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal

OMG, the sky is falling. Did you hear that Clinton’s being investigated for something? For the past 20 years, Hillary has always been investigated for one thing after another.

What most people don’t realize is that she has been found innocent of all of them. Did you get that? She is innocent of ALL OF THEM!

The Republican party has been accusing her of one manufactured scandal after another. Here is a short list of just the most notable. Ever heard fo the email scandal? How about Benghazi? How about Travelgate? How about Whitwater? What about the IRS scandal? How about filegate?

So if she’s been accused of so many things and never found guilty, why do people still believe the liars who are manufacturing the scandals? In other words, only a mentally handicapped person would continue to believe someone who repeatedly lied to them.

However, the Republican voter is that handicapped person. They will continue to believe the lies and the manufactured scandals and will refuse to believe it when she is found innocent. They will swallow up one lie after another without end. Why?

Are they mentally handicapped?

Maybe Fox and the other GOP propaganda outlets are actually making their viewers and listeners mentally handicapped. Maybe it’s working.

Just the fact that they don’t find a more reliable source indicates a serious sickness.

And all this gets back to what we can do about it. There is only one thing. We need to get EVERYONE out to vote. No more accepting the excuse that, oh, it’s so hard, or there’s no difference between the parties, or any of the other feeble excuses. Get everyone you know registered and out to vote. Only then can we wake up the Republican cult members.

4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal”

  1. Oh no. It seems this website is pro Hillary now. What a shame. Such few progressive sources left.

    So if Hillary is the victim in all of those scandals then how come the Republicans haven’t gone after Obama the same way? They haven’t made up stuff about him besides the birth certificate. Think about it. They hate him a lot more than Hillary yet she’s the one with the “Republican conspiracy.”

    And I don’t believe for a second Hillary is innocent in all of them. The Clinton’s are very good at covering their tracks. They’ve been doing it for decades.

    Where there is smoke there is fire and there’s a hell of a lot of smoke around Hillary.

    1. Jan, surely you’re not saying they haven’t manufactured one scandal after another against Obama, as well. Afghanistan and Iraq are his fault, the Bush recession as his fault, Fast & Furious, the Apology Tour…

      The only difference is the GOP propaganda machine has only had 7 years to manufacture lies about Obama but have had decades to make up lies about Hillary.

      Don’t think for a moment that I am pro-Hillary. I can’t speak for anyone else who might post here, but like Obama, Hillary is more conservative than the Republican party of the 50s. The further off the cliff to the right the GOP goes, the further to the right the Dems go trying to capture the moderates. This is an obvious mistake and this is Hillary’s MO.

      I support her on some things and oppose her on others. We obviously need single payer health care but she can’t see it. However, voting for the GOP is throwing the health care customers to the wolves. She’s waffles on TPP. This is a biggie. If she doesn’t come to her senses on this issue, she will lose the election, on this one item, alone.

      If there are decades of accusation, there must be fire? Is that really what you’re saying? Think about that a little.

  2. I’m shocked that there isn’t more feedback on this issue. You act like you can’t see why the Repub voters believe the lies and the liars. It’s simply because they WANT to believe the lies. They WANT them to be true and will listen to a known liar just to hear confirmation of their distorted view of the world and the political landscape.

    1. This is a good point. It’s hard to see them as lies when you want so badly for them, or something to be true.

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