How Did We Get Trump?

I see lots of speculation about why the Democrats lost this election and most of them miss the mark. To begin with, you hear the GOP saying they have a mandate since the Democrats lost all three branches of government. This is hogwash. The election was very close with the Democrats winning the majority of votes. This is by no means a mandate to trample America’s principles.

But, on to the question of how this happened. Looking at both parties, there was a groundswell of establishment opposition. That is obvious with the fact that a Socialist Democrat like Bernie (an obvious outsider) could get so close to winning the Democratic primary and Trump (also an obvious outsider) actually took the GOP primary.

So with the anti-establishment feeling running so deep, Hillary started running on more Progressive issues and backed away from the positions of the establishment, such as free trade and further cuts to the social safety net. She was even talking about increasing the minimum wage and Social Security, both of which have taken a big hit from GOP cuts and neglect.

But what happened? Why did she quit with the Progressive issues? Why did she start talking like another beltway insider at the end of the campaign?

Well, part of the problem is she was put on the defensive with the FBI election rigging (yes, someone should go to jail for that) and didn’t say anymore about the establishment. She started attacking Trumps character (which is easy to do) and quit actually sounding like an outsider.

This really give only one reason for the results, America voted for an outsider. The Democratic party better wake up to that or they’ll be out in the cold for many elections to come.

2 thoughts on “How Did We Get Trump?”

  1. That’s all fine and good but completely ignores the real reason this country is in such a mess. The real problem is not enough people vote.

    The real reason for this mess is all those too lazy or too disenfranchised to vote. A democracy doesn’t work when this many people don’t vote.

    And, which party is working so hard to stop people from voting? Well, the Republican party, if you really want to know.

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