Billions more for the rich

Tomorrow, 3/23/2020 the Republicans are trying to ram through more money for their billionaires while stiffing the rest of us.

They are playing games with our lives. Their stupidity is already destroying our economy.

Call your Congressman and tell them, House Representatives and Senators and let them know that you don’t want more money for the rich.

If the money doesn’t go to the middle class and poor, we will die. The billionaires don’t need it, but, hey, it’s never enough is it?

Call your Congressman now. No money for the rich or corporations.

Where to Get Coronavirus

Want to know where to go to get the Coronavirus? The TrumpVirus, also known as COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire because of Trump’s actions and inactions.

But, want to know where to go to get it? Hobby Lobby CEO is telling their managers to keep the stores open. After all, you know, it’s just a Democrat hoax, right? If you are a Trump supporter, may I suggest you might want to run right on down there and prove to everyone that you’re not fooled by pesky facts, and science.

Hobby Lobby Stays Open

Trump Lies

Americans are dying because of Trump’s lies and his failure as a president.

America deserves better.

Donate  to any Democrat of your choice until this crisis is over. The Republicans do not know how to govern. This is what happens when we become complacent. It’s time to vote them all out.

America deserves better.

Coronavirus is killing people because of trump

Trump’s response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus has been worse than not having a president at all. People are dying, people are spreading this because Trump doesn’t know how to handle a crisis.

Take a look at our government. When we put unqualified people in the administration and in our agencies, things break down. There is no room for nepotism. It only leads to deaths. But, nepotism is the Republican way. They have always put political hacks in positions of power. Now we get to see why this is such a stupid thing to do.

And why it ‘s such a stupid thing to vote for a Republican.

Calling this a Chinese virus is an awful thing to do. Hundreds of innocent Americans are being attacked because they look asian and Trump has mobilized his ignorant racists into attacking Americans.

If you know anyone who really thinks Trump is doing a fine job with this or any other of his responsibilities, please explain to them what the facts are.

Because of Trump, America has been treating the virus like Italy and only China beats Italy in the size of the disaster. But, we are soon to be near the top of the list, too. At least Italy is now doing everything they can to fix this. We, on the other hand, are attacking each other and licking handrails because the ignorant believe when Trump says this is a hoax.

This disaster in America is the TrumpVirus.

It is a sad sad time in the history of America and it is all Trump’s and the GOP’s  fault.

Just Another Day in Paradise

Our stock market is in free fall, leading us into another Republican Depression.

Our country’s election system is under attack by foreign governments.

America is suffering a pandemic the like of which we have not seen in our lifetimes, Coronavirus, COVID-19.

People are panicking in the streets hoarding what they can get their hands on.

Our healthcare system is under attack.

And what is Trump doing today? He’s going to pardon a convicted criminal, a traitor who helped Russia hack our elections in 2016.

I don’t think America can take any more of this greatness.

Republicans not only unprepared but dangerously ignorant

Trump refuses to work with the Democrats elected by Americans. Trump doesn’t want to work with Pelosi on the Coronavirus , COVID-19 pandemic because, well, because she made Trump feel bad. Too bad for all the Americans dying from the virus, Trump got his little feelings hurt so he doesn’t care if we live or die.

But, hey, America finally forced his hand and he agreed to sign the Democrats’ bill to save American lives. But now the Republican Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell is out of town, because, well you know, he doesn’t really care that Americans are dying any more than Trump does.

I realize that Fox and the rest of the GOP propaganda disparages liberals and Democrats every chance they can, but it is obvious to anyone who actually pays attention that the Democrats are trying to save our country and save our people and the Republicans are totally unprepared to do anything to help. In fact, all they do is interfere with solutions.


Small enough to drown in a bathtub of coronavirus

Since the Reagan era, the Republican party has made it their mission to “shrink our government so small you could drown it in a bathtub.”

Well, they finally succeeded.

We are now totally unprepared to deal with the Coronavirus and trump is still working on shuttering agencies, pulling funding from the very agencies that we created to deal with emergencies like this.

The actual words of the Republican operatives was to, “shrink government so small you could drown it in a bathtub.” Their intentions have been obvious for 40 years now and they have succeeded.

Take a look around. The crumbling smoldering mess that it left of our once great country is solely the fault of the Republican party and the billionaires who support them, the very billionaires who don’t want to pay their fair share in taxes and would rather see America in ruins.

Take a look around. This is what you get when you’re foolish enough to even consider voting Republican.