Why is Clarence Thomas still on the Supreme Court?

Our authors have been reporting on the blatant conflicts of interest Clarence Thomas brings to the Supreme Court. It’s been over 10 years that we’ve been blowing the whistle but nothing seems to get done.

Now, Clarence Thomas is up to his eyebrows in a scandal with his wife directly involved in the attempted overthrow of our government. In a move that protected his wife, Clarence Thomas voted to keep the Trump White House logs from investigation.

This isn’t how a real Supreme Court justice acts. These are the actions of a fully compromised judge making decisions contrary to America’s best interests. And, still, the Republican party is doing their very best to hide it. The other Republicans on the Supreme Court are refusing to say anything about this treasonous behavior. Is that because they are all compromised? It certainly appears that way.

We need every American out in the streets defending their country and demanding the Republicans step down, and especially Clarence Thomas. If he doesn’t step down, Clarence Thomas must be impeached.

How can we get more Americans out in the streets defending their country against the anti-American Republicans?

Trump – The Poison That Just Keeps on Infecting

It’s been over a year and the biased political hacks Trump appointed continue to infect our country. The Republican party is by far a minority in America yet they control the levers of government. America will continue to slide into Fascism or even worse.

The Attorney General, Merrick Garland, seems totally corrupted by his right-wing ideology to bring the criminal Republicans to justice. Trump continues to spread his poisonous lies and no one holds his feet to the fire for his lies. At the rate things are going, there will be no high-level arrests or even investigations for the attempted overthrow of our government by Trump and the Republicans.

If you’re interested, you can see a list of awful things Trump has done.

The entire Trump family  needs to be investigated and needs to face justice for their crimes. But, alas, it appears doubtful.

So how does America fix this problem? Obviously appealing to the Republican morals or sense of patriotism or justice is a complete waste of time. The Republicans have corrupted the election process is so many states, even if everyone gets out and votes, we still won’t get those votes counted – no matter how many vote. And still the Democratic party remains silent.

The ACLU is doing a great job of bringing the voting rights issues to court but we need more. One organization can’t do this alone.

For Trump’s political handling of the COVID disaster should bring him prison time. He knew he was lying and he knew his lies were going to get people killed and he continues to spread lies and kill people.

We better wake up and start defending America from the enemies at home.