Who Would Do That?

Who Would Do That?
Captain Jack

As we all know, the Democratic candidates got more votes in all three branches of government, last election. More people voted for Democratic House members, more people voted for Democratic Senate candidates, and more people voted for a Democratic president.

Of course, even though there were about a million and a half more Democratic votes for the House, the Republican still control it because of electioneering, you know, circumventing the vote of the people.

But, why would a political party obstruct the country at every opportunity when they know the majority voted for the changes they obstruct? Why would a political party try to stop the will of the voters?

A party that intended to derail a democracy would be considered undemocratic, wouldn’t they? They would certainly never get elected into power into the country they’re trying to derail would they?

Would you vote for a party that actively tried to circumvent and obstruct the will of the majority? Would you vote Republican? Most people say, no! Who would do that?