What’s Wrong With Hunting

What’s Wrong With Hunting
Dave Speck

We’ve all read the usual complaints about hunting and hunters, from the perspective of the inhumanity through the arguments of empathy, sympathy, and reason. But there is a still darker side to hunting.

We’ve seen humans blowing up other humans and even seen humans stroll into a school and massacre little children.

There’s no doubt that this is wrong. Anyone who does this is sick. There is a disease that enables them to do what most people would find too repulsive.

The disease allows people to kill other people, and not just allows them to do it but makes it fun. Not only were these sick people enjoying what they were doing, they were excited. The excitement even goes so far as to cause sexual excitement in the diseased killers.

Why is it wrong to kill other humans? Why is it wrong to kill children? Is it okay to kill children because they have low IQs? Is it okay to kill adults with low IQs? Is it okay to kill other people’s kids but not your own? Is it okay to kill a distant relative?

You can probably see where this is going. Exactly how far detached must your cousin be before it’s okay to murder them? There is no distance. It’s wrong no matter if they’re our next door neighbors or our neighbors across the world.

All living things on this earth share common ancestors. Everything is our cousins.

Is it okay to murder a cousin because he’s far enough away from your blood line? Of course not. It’s a sickness to even want to kill your cousin. If you’re excited and aroused by killing, it’s a sickness.

It is time for America, and all mankind, to start looking at the thrill of killing others to be a sickness, no matter how distant the relative is. It’s a sickness that infects all of society. We must quit treating hunting and murder as a choice rather than a disease.

5 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Hunting”

  1. This is an interesting take on things. You make a good point. I can hear all those hunters justifying what they do by saying they eat all the meat. But what you do with the kill is no argument that it’s a socially sane thing to enjoy. Killing is killing and if you enjoy it, you’re sick. Okay, it makes perfect sense.

  2. Huh? I enjoy killing the weeds in my yard. They share the same DNA structure as all other life on this planet so they’re our cousins too. Somehow I can’t quite see anything wrong with pulling weeds. Your argument doesn’t hold true at the extremes.

    1. Thanks, Anonymous, for making my point. And you even used the same logic I used.

      Take your comment to the next level. If it’s okay to find glee in killing things, at which point is it wrong? When it’s someone’s pets? When it’s your pets? When it’s children? When it’s brown or black or yellow people? Where do you draw the line? And, no matter where you draw it, all you’re drawing is a mark on a scale, a scale of sickness.

  3. Hunting truly is a sickness and I would love to see it disgraced in society and discontinued. That, and these damned violent games that we find so popular in the nation’s pastime.

  4. This post is right on the mark. Finding pleasure in killing others is just a sickness.

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