United We Fall

United We Fall
Dave Speck

This post is in response to Mr. Schlecht’s post yesterday encouraging us to reach across the aisle and make coalitions with the conservatives and Republicans. Let’s start by saying that I’m not disagreeing, but rather playing devil’s advocate. Maybe we’re both right in some ways.

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It just might be possible that America is at a crossroad, much like the crossroads of the last gilded era (the 1920s) and the rise of Germany’s Hitler. In both of those cases, there were plenty of followers of the conservative movements. In America, the conservative movement was drowned out by a huge liberal involvement and America recovered from the gilded age with The New Deal which put a stop to the landed gentry and reversed the toxic wealth disparity through laws and taxes. Germany, on the other hand, had a liberal block that was both unwilling and unable to get traction.

In both cases, nothing was gained by compromising with the conservatives. Granted, Mr. Schlecht does not say the word, “compromise” but that seems to be where he’s heading.

What if America’s liberals of the 1930s didn’t reverse course, but rather compromised to just slow things down a little. Would America have rebounded like we did? I would say obviously not. Only by standing true to our knowledge and the facts and demanding that we act accordingly were we able to turn things around.

And, knowledge & facts are the reason that we can’t compromise with those who history & facts prove to be wrong. The conservatives are not driven by knowledge or facts. In fact, they consider anyone possessing such sorcery to be the “elite”. The conservatives prefer their fairy tales of no man made global warming, earth is 6,000 years old, and the church should dictate the laws to the country.

Honestly, I ask you, how does one “compromise” with wrong? You can only compromise if you’re willing to be part wrong, yourself.

We need to forget compromising with those who refuse to listen to the facts. There is no saving those just like there was no saving the Nazis in Germany. They know they’re right regardless of the facts staring them in the face proving they’re wrong. How do you even talk to someone like that?

I say you don’t. We need to get our word and the facts out to those who are willing to listen. If a conservative is so blind that they listen to conservative propaganda like Rush or Fox, then they’re happily ignorant and no amount of facts or coaxing will wake them up.

Instead, we need to be getting our word out to those who know we’re right but just haven’t gotten motivated yet. We need to motivate the 75% of America that know we’re right. The 75% of America who are closet liberals but are just afraid of the word because it’s been demonized so relentlessly by the fact-free conservative media.

Get out there and talk to your family and your neighbors and your friends and get them motivated. And if you can’t get through to them because they’re handicapped by their conservative propaganda, forget about them. Move on to those who might actually be able to believe the facts and learn from history.

3 thoughts on “United We Fall”

  1. This is a great post and I agree completely. We should try to reach them but our time is much better spent on getting motivated those who already undersand the facts.

  2. I don’t want to sound like I’m speaking for David, but I don’t think he was suggesting we should be wasting our times, just try to reach those we can on those issues where we have some agreement. But I could be wrong.

  3. Well, Dave, I can’t disagree with your reasoning. I was not recommending tilting at windmills but it is still important that we realize our audience is larger than just those who agree with us.

    I also, know many on both sides who will not easily change their minds, but I know very few who never will.

    Perhaps the bottom line is to pick your battles. If you can convince millions of the facts, it’s better han not trying. However, if you can hardly convince a handful then it might be time to seek more open minded debate partners.

    I have found a most interesting difference between debating hard core conservatives and everyone else. The hard core conservative is in the debate to win at all cost, ignoring the facts if need be. Everyone else in America is interested in learning from the debate. And, yes, even the typical hard core liberal is still interested in coming to the right conclusion, not just convincing others of our conclusion, be it right or wrong.

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