Why Obama Shouldn’t Bargain

Why Obama Shouldn’t Bargain
Matthew K.

If you’re wondering why Obama isn’t negotiating with the Tea Baggers in the House of Representatives, you haven’t been paying attention.

The budget that the Republicans are holding hostage is the same budget they’ve been holding hostage all along. The negotiations are over. Got that? Remember Boehner saying he got 98% of what he wanted? Remember the last hostage taking when the Tea Party got their sequester that we’re still suffering through? Remember when Obama said, “nothing is off the table?” Remember those times?

That is when we were in negotiations. The budget has since been agreed to, the Tea Baggers got 98% of what they want, and now, they threaten harm to our country and our government and our economy if they can’t extract even more concessions, now, long after the negotiations have been finished.

This is just like someone negotiating to buy your house and then after you’ve agreed on a price, they come back and say, give me more or I’ll burn your house down.

This is not an attempt by the Republicans to negotiate in good faith. This is nothing less than a power grab. They got away with bullying Obama last time and just like a schoolyard bully, they’re sure they can get away with it again.

Obama set an extremely bad precedent by allowing them to bully him last time and now he’s paying the price. And he will continue to pay one ransom after another until he has nothing left to offer or until he stands up straight and looks them in the eyes and says this isn’t how a democracy operates. And, thankfully, it looks like he and America have finally learned our lesson.

Hey Tea Baggers. Negotiations are over. Pay for the things that America has agreed to and quit holding our country hostage.

2 thoughts on “Why Obama Shouldn’t Bargain”

  1. The Senate actually sent the House a budget bill way back in September and the Republicans refused to even bring it up for a vote. They turned right around and sent back a new bill that kills Obamacare. How is this negotiating? Aren’t you supposed to actually meet to work out differences?

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