The Awakening of America

The Awakening of America
David Schlecht

American voters are waking up from the cult they have been mesmerized by.

As with cults, people believe the absurd without question. Those who are questioned are ostracized and eventually excommunicated from the cult.

Cult followers typically do things that are against their best interests. Cults like Jonestown require the followers give away all their possessions, especially money, the family savings, retirement savings, homes, stock investments.

Cult followers live in a daze and are unable or unwilling to accept that their cult is killing them. They think it will hurt for a moment and then they can live forever. Sometimes they wake up in time, but other times, like the German Nazis or Heaven’s Gate, they don’t wake up until it’s too late.

America has a national cult that has the people voting for things that are against their own best interests. America knows we need more jobs, we need a better safety net, we need more benefits for the middle class, we need to fix our health care system. Yet, the Republican voters vote for a party that is against all those things.

The cult members are drinking the poison and are dying in the streets and in the parks and behind the mini-marts because their cult has stopped their welfare, their unemployment benefits, and refuse to do anything that will produce jobs.

Yet, the cult members still follow their cult. The followers believe themselves to be Christians and follow the good book and help their neighbors, contribute to charities that help the poor. They believe that we should provide for the least among us. Yet, they still vote for a party that does just the opposite.

This is a cult following. There is no way to deny it.

If you believe in what America stands for and for Christianity and you still vote Republican, you are mesmerized by your cult. When you respond, “let them die” while you know that’s the wrong solution, your a mesmerized by your cult.

If you continue to vote Republican while they slash your wages, your retirement, your schools, your standard of living, if you continue to vote for them while your neighbors are starving and freezing to death, you are following a cult.

But, don’t despair, I’m not expecting you to come to your senses. Most cult followers die before they wake up.

But, if you’re a Republican voter, look around you and you will see, every day, more of your fellow Republicans waking up and shaking off the fog and leaving the party.

You can either wake up or you can die with your cult.

For America’s sake, I hope you wake up before you and those relying on you (America’s future) are beyond saving.

4 thoughts on “The Awakening of America”

  1. I can’t help but wonder if religious followers are more prone to becoming cult followers. Just asking.

  2. It is time for the obligatory false equivalency. I know plenty of Democrats who vote against their best interests, as well.

  3. Ya. I once knew a man who had a niece that knew someone who was related to someone who heard of a Democrat being a follower.

    And I believe it.

    Other than that, Democrats are like herding cats.

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